Thursday, 15 August 2013

Createaf Waffles at Cathay

Have been updating almost everyday this week due to my holidays. Schedules clashing with my other friends (Overseas, school, etc) and I end up being stuck at home. Actually, it's not a bad way to save some money though. But I am glad that I can look forward to my weekends to spend some quality time with my boyf when he books out. 

Whenever I walk past this cafe - Createaf Waffles, I feel so tempted to try the waffles! Finally, I had the chance to visit this cafe with boyf to try those mouthwatering waffles with delicious toppings! Even the posters around Cathay are making me drool!!

I got my Waffle set @ $12.50 nett 
(For any sweet or savoury waffle with any drinks selection)

I think that the Waffle set would be more worth it if you're going for drinks since the waffles itself cost $9.90 and the drinks are roughly $4.90 - 5.50. 

Merry Berry
Belgian waffle with strawberries, blueberries and 1 scoop of premium Ice-cream

We have a standard way of ordering, I will most probably go for strawberry waffles/ pancakes while boyf will go for chocolate ones. Not that I am super crazy over strawberries (At least I don't buy them just to eat at home), but I feel that desserts with strawberries always look so appetizing and delicious. Don't you agree?

I picked Macadamia Nut to match the strawberry taste. I would love to try Hazelnut, Cappucino truffle and Matcha green tea next time. Have a new found love for green tea Ice-cream, a flavour that I will never touch in the past. Anyway 1 ala-carte scoop is $3.50 while an additional scoop is +$3.00. I could have went for double scoop! *GREEDY ME*

The waffles are freshly baked and the Ice-cream definitely tastes not bad, the smooth and velvety texture is great with chewy nuts. I finished every bit of the waffles. 

I ordered the Hazelnut Frappe for drinks as if the waffles are not sinful enough. 

But really *thumbs up* for this coffee! The coffee taste is really strong coupled with the Hazelnut taste and a swirl of whip cream to sweeten up the drink. And we had a nice chat while sipping on this drink. 

Sinfully Chocolate
Belgian waffles with crunchy chocolate, chocolate flakes, homemade chocolate sauce and 1 scoop of premium Ice-cream

Needless to say, this must be super sweet-tasting and also very satisfactory for my boyf since it's filled with Chocolate. This dish really lives up to its name "Sinfully Chocolate". He said that the Chocolate sauce was very thick and strong even when there wasn't much on the waffles. 

Anyway, we had our dinner early so we had a great chat and half way through we both were talking about workout haha! Have been quite hardworking recently. But I know my determination sucks! Oh well. But really thankful that my boyf is always motivating me to do better as he knows that I will start complaining and regret if I don't work hard now. Sometimes I do feel that the amount of food I take in is too much for my workout to cover. 

And for those who might be thinking that I have to eat more blah blah blah, FYI, I am not saying that I am fat, I just want to have a better figure by exercising. (:

Work hard, EAT harder!! hahaha. 


  1. WOW looking good! I have only tried their sinful chocolate waffles but I enjoyed drinking their latte better.

    Do check out my version of the review @ soon :)