Thursday, 29 August 2013

Disney's Planes (2013)

Everybody has their own dream that they want to achieve..

And in Disney's new movie PLANES, it's all about chasing your dreams and making them come true! We all have our dreams and ambition which are difficult to achieve due to obstacles, fears, and lack of confidence. 

You will get to meet Dusty, a fast-flying duster who has big dreams of competing in an air race but unfortunately he has a huge fear of heights! I know it sounds like an irony that planes are afraid of height in cartoons but in reality, that is the harsh truth! We all have limits that might seem ridiculous to others. But that doesn't stop us from accomplishing our goal. We just have to dream BIG, and work our ways towards it. 


And Dusty had it, along with the strong support of his great friends. Success isn't easy as Dusty faced many obstacles especially when the defending champion Ripslinger who felt threatened by Dusty's presence, tried to do anything in order to defeat him. 

But with his courage and ambitious character, Dusty continued to pursue his life-long dream as a high-flying racer and eventually, he made it! 

Disney's shows are always so positive and inspiring!

Meet Dusty and his other plane friends! 

You can also join in a fun activity with Disney Planes HERE:

You can send sweet/ fun/ inspiring messages to your Facebook friends with this app!

Start off with choosing your plane character. I chose Rochelle, I like her colour so much! So prettyyy pink!

Select the person whom you want to send your message to, followed by a personalized message.

And here's your personalized message!! ♥

Encourage your friends with those inspiring and fun messages, and you can even stand a chance to win attractive prizes at the same time! 10 lucky winners will walk away with exclusive movie premiums!!! (I'm going to try my luck too!)

And take a look at this!

Catch “Disney’s Planes” in Singapore cinemas this 5 September 2013

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