Monday, 12 August 2013

Family dinner @ Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant (Marriott Hotel)

Earlier last week, I had a family dinner at Marriott Hotel called Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant. Partly to have belated birthday celebration with my Dad. We had an advanced celebration at Jpot which I wrote here:

My parents ordered a set meal for 2 person plus some ala-carte food. 

Here's my favourite dish! 

Peking duck, Chinese crepe (Half) 

Known as a famous duck dish from Beijing, this mouthwatering delicacy is prized for its thin crepe folded with crispy roasted duck skin. Adding some garnish like cucumber, spring onion and the sweet bean paste sauce would give the perfect taste. I heard from my Dad that the origin of the skin is supposed to be white, but I actually prefer the yellow skin which is also similar to the Japanese crepe. The mix of all the ingredients creates a amazingly delectable taste. Over here, the chef would cook the rest of the meat with noodles or rice of your choice for free!

Fried Carrot Cake  

Roasted Pork Belly 

The best part of the Roasted pork belly is the crispy, crackling skin on the top. The meat is also succulent and tender. It isn't too oily and the five layers of the pork belly are very well-defined, making it a more sumptuous dish. 

Pan-fried cod fish marinated with sea salt, homemade sauce

The fish is definitely smooth and nice to savour. My brother didn't really like the homemade sauce but I begged to differ. It was actually quite unique. Looks like broccoli sauce to me, I'm not sure it is though. 

Sauteed scallops, mango cubes, egg white, fresh milk

I immediately go for this the moment I saw the dish name. Mangos, egg white, milk? What a perfect combination! The scallops are real sweet too. I think that it will taste much better if mixed with rice though. 

SET MENU: (Soup photo not included here)

Deep-fried Seafood, Salted Egg yolk
Shredded soy chicken, Jelly Fish
Deep-fried prawns with hawthorn berry

Deep-fried scallop, mashed taro

Taro which is also like yam, is a really filling food and I don't really like the taste of it though many said that taro is really sweet and delicious. It stole the original taste of the scallops and I couldn't taste much from it. 

Pan-fried coffee pork chop

I only tried a small bite, coffee taste isn't too strong.

Duck noodles that is FOC when you order the Peking Duck. 
(There's egg noodles, prawn dumpling included in the set menu as well, I forgot to snap a photo!)

Chilled mango pudding with vanilla ice cream

I was impressed with the dessert. I'm expecting the usual normal mango pudding in a cup but this was served with Vanilla ice-cream and fruits (Strawberry & mango)! Vanilla ice cream with black dots in it tastes like premium quality ice cream as it contains vanilla pods in it. The subtle sweetness in the mango pudding is well-balanced and does not taste artificial too. I love it!

A photo of my brother & I!

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