Saturday, 3 August 2013

Momiji Japanese Buffet Restaurant

Between Japanese and International Buffets, I would always prefer Japanese! 

Had buffet dinner with my friends at Momiji Japanese Buffet Restaurant @ City Square Mall last week. It was lucky that we made reservation in advance, but the walk-in queue isn't too crazy. The dining area is definitely smaller than Kiseki's but the ambience is rather cosy with the traditional Japanese feel. 

This is like 'Wow'. It's quite an expensive dish - Fresh prawn sashimi. Sashimi lovers should all love this because it's so BIG, juicy and sweet! I wish I could have more but there were only limited servings. I wasn't sure if people have faster hands than us, or that the restaurant failed to refill enough to cater to everyone.. 

There's other Sashimi like tuna, squid, salmon. Apparently, there was a mini crowd at the Seafood and Sashimi section that I wasn't really able to snap all the photos.. 

I would say that the Sashimi ain't comparable to established Japanese restaurants like Sushi Tei. But it is definitely delicious enough for a buffet spread. Besides, you could have almost unlimited servings of the Sashimi (Provided they are not THAT high in demand..)

Seafood section is roughly the same as most buffets.. Snow crab, mussels, prawns, scallop, etc.

But I noticed that the Snow crabs here has a huge difference compared to Kiseki. They have so much more pincers. LOOK! And even after rounds of refills, you can still find pincers and huge crab legs within the pile. The snow crabs are also chilled really well to keep them fresh. My hands were almost numb after eating a few plates. 

Just cut the shell open with the scissors and you can enjoy the huge chunks of fresh, chilled crab meat. I was indulging so much into it, that I almost forgot about the other food.. If you are craving for snow crabs the most, I would recommend you come to Momiji instead of Kiseki.

I seriously can't remember how many I took.. :0

Do not be fooled by the Scallop's size. It is pretty much tasteless to me. 

They have a wide selection of Sushi which means more food choices too. 

Grilled Japanese food like Enoki Bacon, scallop, prawns. They look quite tempting! Actually I left this section out because it was round the corner.. I would definitely want to try this! 

I was attracted to this section of food as well because of the variety of dishes. You are supposed to attach your number clip to the dish that you want. The chef will cook it and serve it to you when it's done. I like it that it comes in small servings. It's great for group dinners where you can just order everything and share. 

There are more at the other side, and I've tried mostly from this section. The Wagyu beef doesn't taste like Wagyu though. It is however still not bad for a normal type of beef, especially when it's served with Enoki mushroom. One of the best combi! I think beef must go with certain vege to taste even better. 

We ordered Crayfish, beef, and assorted seafood.

Kaminabe section

Mostly vege stuff with some meat, but we ordered one to have some hot soup after having too much chilled stuff. King Crab Kaminabe was gone by the time we ordered from here, so be quick!

More tempura and cooked food, they have variety of different food for people who don't enjoy seafood as much as I do! 

However, there was not much variety of desserts and cakes compared to some other buffets, but thankfully some of the cakes were quite yummy. I had some Longans too, quite refreshing to have some fruits after gorging down all the food. 

I finally lost that interest of dipping fruits/ marshmallows into the chocolate fondue out of fun already. But Iris said that the chocolate fondue here isn't good because it's too 'runny' and doesn't solidify when it is cooled. I prefer Chocolate fondue that will harden up too. If it's watery, it makes everything messy too. 

I've forgotton to snap a photo of the Ice-cream but they served HAAGEN DAZ ice-cream!!! One of my favourite Ice-cream brand ever!!! I love their Green tea and Macadamia nuts ice-cream flavour. The green tea really tasted like the real green tea powder unlike some which tasted more like flavouring only. Although their cakes & pastries were mediocre in quality, I was super glad that they served premium ice-cream

I ate too much until I'm having cough now. Actually, I ate ice-cream continously for 3 days!!! 

Most of the cakes and pastries were Chocolatey. Good thing that they come in small cube sizes so I won't waste food if it doesn't taste nice. I love the Oreo one best! The Dark chocolate cake tasted a little weird with that fake taste that I cannot explain.. Anyway the rest are quite average to me. I have quite high standards when it comes to desserts..

If you are going for buffet dinner or weekend brunch, they are likely to serve free Sapporo beer during a certain time. But Cy had it all, since I didn't like the taste of beer :/ 

Honestly, between Buffet Town, Kiseki and Momiji, I would very much prefer Momiji as I'm a seafood lover. I usually choose buffets mainly because of the seafood. Other food varieties would just be a secondary choice. Besides, they have my favourite ice-cream! But Kiseki is comparable to this as well so if you are someone who likes to eat a lot of different food, I think both is fine!

If you want to dine at this restaurant, be prepared to be kiasu and get all the premium sashimi and seafood or else none will be left! So be early even when you make reservations so you can be first in line! Actually I'm always anxious to be the first in, because I WANT TO TAKE NICE PHOTOS! It was really hard to snap pictures once everyone starts crowding at the food stations ):

Momiji Restaurant Pricing: (UPDATED since 7dec13)

Lunch 12noon - 3pm

Adult: $24.80++
Child (below 12 years old & below 1.4m): $13.80++
Senior citizen (60yrs & above): $20.80++

Saturday, Eve PH
Adult: $29.80++
Child (below 12 years old & below 1.4m): $14.80++
Senior citizen (60yrs & above): $25.80++

Brunch 11:30am – 3:30pm

Sunday, PH
Adult: $37.80++
Child (below 12 years old & below 1.4m): $18.80++
Senior citizen (60yrs & above): $31.80++

Dinner 6pm – 10pm

Adult: $37.80++
Child (below 12 years old & below 1.4m): $18.80++
Senior citizen (60yrs & above): $31.80++

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Eve PH and PH
(5:30pm - 10pm)
Adult: $39.80++
Child (below 12 years old & below 1.4m): $20.80++
Senior citizen (60yrs & above): $32.80++

Momiji Restaurant:
City Square Mall
180 Kitchener Road #05-04/06
Singapore 208539

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Here's a photo of the happy family! Time flies and Jenell is 4 months old already! Love to play with her, she's really too cute!

& a photo of all of us!


  1. Looks good! Price not that expensive too. One thing that makes me think twice about buffet is it's freshness. Are they really really fresh? And those snow crabs!!! I think I will just pay to go in there and grab all those snow crabs.

    1. Yes, the seafood is fresh, especially the snow crabs which is the best dish for me, and also very sweet! The scallops were not very nice on that day though.. (:

  2. oh my look at those seafood! and the price is quite affordable too!

    1. Yup! (: I'd love to visit this restaurant again!

  3. Plan to go next week for buffet lunch do they have snow crab and varieties as shown in pics?

    1. Most buffet lunch don't offer premium seafood. It's better that you call to double check because I didn't go for lunch the other time :)