Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Prawning with friends @ ECP Big Splash

It has been such a long time since we had this couple date! Now with extra cute Jenell in the picture too! Also the first time boyf is seeing her. We headed to Big Splash @ East Coast Park for prawning session. I used to head over to the other side of ECP but this prawning place is opened by Iris's uncle so we tried this place. I love the surroundings and environment here! It's much better and cleaner as well. 

Some photo spamming before we started with the real prawning session.. 

Jenell always avoid the camera when we're camwhoring. Haha.

I always have this problem at prawning. The moment I started, I got one catch within 10 minutes, but subsequently I'VE GOT ZERO CATCHES. Cy kept catching the big prawns, and at least my boy had some catches too. Iris didn't have chance to prawn much because she had to take care of Jenell. But I really had none haha. Until towards evening time, I suddenly had a winning streak! I caught about 3-4 prawns continously within 5-10 minutes or less. Small ones though. And after that, wow!! I caught a mini lobster! 

Everyone was quite shocked and I didn't even know that it was a lobster until they said so. My boy said that he didn't bear to kill it and almost wanted to bring it home as a pet!! But the pincers broke in the process of removing the hook :/

Later on, I felt a bite on the fishing bait, but when I pull the prawn out, it dropped onto the floor and disappeared after someone walked past. Disappearing act.. I think it just crawled away under the stairs. I'm glad that I managed to catch a few more though! 

We also had a Fish spa session. 

And I managed to film the FIRST reaction of my boy the moment he stepped into the fish pond. EPIC scream. I've tried it once in Korea so I could expect what was coming. It's ticklish and 'electrifying' at the same time. But we got used to it after awhile. And I think our skin becomes more smooth after that because all the dead skin were eaten by the fishes.
YAY to smoother skin!!

I think its a fun experience! My boy has been bugging me to try fish spa because he wanted to know how the feeling is like, now he had the chance to hahaha. And it's also really a cheap and reasonable price! $10 for 15 minutes. 

Hahah, Cy didn't dare to go in the pond after one try..

A few more rounds of prawning sessions.. We ended up prawning from 3plus all the way till 9pm. And this is the number of prawns we have caught + about 6 more. 

BBQ-ing our prawns!!! And they really taste so fresh and sweet! Much better than the prawns at the other part of ECP. But I dare not cook the raw prawn from the start, it's like watching it die and suffer slowly omg. Even worse if I have to poke the satay stick into the live prawn!!! ):

If you're interested to go prawning, come here!! I'm definitely going back! I just love the feeling of the tug when the prawn bites on the bait. Feels really shiok when you pull it out of the pond. They have Longkang fishing too but it's only for kids and I'm too big to try it ): 

Fish @ Big Splash
902 East Coast Parkway
Singapore 449874


(Opposite Carl's Junior and Starbucks!)

I can't wait for the next prawning session!!!

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