Sunday, 29 September 2013

[AD] Milligram Prints

Sponsored Advertorial:

Are you one of those girls who are in love with photography? ❤
If yes, then this post is totally for you! 

Because, I will be introducing you a new online shop that allows you to PRINT beautiful photos straight from your INSTAGRAM.

Besides sharing photos online, why not print them out as collection, memories or gifts to your family & friends. For those who think that Polaroid cams are too bulky/ expensive/ inconvenient, Milligram is a great photo-printing alternative for you! 

Simply log onto your Instagram on their website, select the photos that you want to print out, make your payment, and wait for the photos to arrive!

Benefits of Milligram compared to a Polaroid camera:
☑ Milligram is definitely cheaper (Polaroid cam can cost from $99-100+, not forgetting that the films can be quite expensive too)
☑ Polaroid cams are quite bulky to bring out, but Milligram allows you to print photos with convenience
☑ Polaroid cam prints out instant photos, but Milligram allows you to print out older photos as well

Of course, we can't deny that Polaroid cam has its benefits too, but these are just some reasons that I thought of.

Once you get your hands on those beautiful photos, there are actually many different ways you can do with them!

1) Decorate Your Wall

Instead of having a plain wall by your bed, why not plaster it with loads of sweet and fun memories that you can look at all the time? You can paste it on your mirror, by your bed, on your laptop, or EVEN THE WHOLE ROOM. Your choice!

2) Keep as Memories

Wallet is something that is really personal to us, and it would be nice to keep a photo or two of your loved one, just to take it out time to time when you miss him/ her!

3) Design a Scrapbook

When you run out of gift ideas, why not customized a photo scrapbook for your best friend or loved one? With sweet messages and memorable photos of the both of you, I'm sure this gift will melt the heart of any receiver.

4) Let Your Loved One Admire You

Print a funny/ silly/ cute/ pretty/ handsome photo of yourself and give it to your other half to admire you when he/ she misses you!

5) Write a Sweet Message

You can even write a short and sweet note at the back of the photo and give it to your friend as a sweet souvenir!

There's probably many other creative ways you can do with Milligram photos!

Milligram offers these 3 different bundles at affordable price! Visit their website for more info!

Personally,  I feel that this is a great deal! At such an affordable price, you get to print photos with a silky finish (somewhere in between glossy and matte). Milligram prints your photos on premium paper imported from the U.S.

If you would like to print custom-sized or non-Instagram photos, you can also drop them an email for discussion!

Milligram also provides FREE shipping to Singapore buyers!

Remember to enter MONICE10 during checkout to be entitled to 10% discount!
(Valid till 31st Oct 2013)



Enjoy printing your photos!

Friday, 27 September 2013

Muchos Mexican Bar & Restaurant (Plaza Singapura)

It's my virgin experience to dine at a Mexican Cuisine restaurant! And I've also decided to try it out since I happened to come across a GroupOn voucher - $44 for $80 value. That's almost half price and I think it is worth the try! 

Muchos Mexican Bar & Restaurant (Plaza Singapura)

The restaurant was not very spacious but it was separated into an indoor and outdoor setting. We decided to pick the outdoor seats as it seemed to have a better ambience for chilling. 

I think that the prices are quite expensive but everything looks very appetizing on the menu! *Indecisive mode on* It really took me some time to ponder on what I want to eat. 

Long Island Tea ($18)

Muchos Platter for 2 ($28.90)

The appetizer looks appetizing (Well, of course), with a combo of different food like skewered prawns, calamari, mexican chicken wings, wedges, and quesadillas.

I really like tortilla chips dipped in salsa sauce! Spices up the whole feel and it's not too fiery hot for me. Having a same plate of food can be quite boring, so this combo is a great idea if you want to have a taste of different appetizers. 

Grilled Corn ($5.90)

Corns are my favourite side dishes. And this has a creamy buttery taste with a crunchy texture. But the red spices made the corn really salty which was not my taste preference. $5.90 for 3 corns is a decent price and I had it all to myself.

Tacos - Grilled seafood ($12.90)

This dish is average, and a partial reason is due to the messiness of the eating method. We probably weren't aware of the proper way to consume it, but we really had trouble trying to put it nicely into our mouth. Forks and knives are just not the suitable way as everything just comes apart. Holding it with our hands don't seem to work as well.

Can anyone enlighten me?

Wanna have a try? (:

#01-34, Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road

Contact: +65 63386001

With love <3

P.S Have been really really busy, so sorry for the lack of updates! Will have something to share with my readers soon! (Esp those who love to take photos!!) 

Oh, and I blogged with my new Macbook air! Quite excited about it! It's so light and the battery is awesome!!!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

A day out with Crystal Part I - VeganBurg

Crystal came back to visit Singapore from U.S recently! Haven't seen her for a few years already!! And it was great to catch up with her! For those who doesn't know, we were really close in Secondary 1/2 but she had to migrate back to U.S. I've only met her a few times ever since. 

And we had our awesome lunch at this place called - VeganBurg

As seen from the name, you would have guessed that this restaurant is fully vegan! Which means - No meat/ dairy products added. 

The ambience is really comfy and the entire place also has a green grassy design that is supposed to represent the nature. 

Check out the benches with the backrest made up of GRASS

After we placed our order, we were given this beeping device for us to collect our food when it rings and light up. 

Cracked Pepper Mayo ($9.80) - Includes sides & drinks

Ala-carte is $5.90

Can't really tell the differences between the burgers from the top view so I didn't take Crystal's order. 

But one thing I really love about this place is the fries!

They are fried to the crispy and crunchy texture, and topped with seaweed flakes! OHMY, how I love seaweed shaker fries. Everything here is catered for the vegans/ vegetarians. And those of you are will be thinking, what is the colour of the patty? NO, it isn't green of course! They looked like any other ordinary meat, which also caters to the group of people who aren't vegetarians. The patties are made with soy too!

Since the patties aren't made with real meat, the taste difference could be obvious, but the deep-fried texture did made up to it. And it was something new for me. 

One flaw would be the hefty price that comes along with it. But since its not any regular burger you find outside, I guess it's reasonable!

Start off with a photo of us before we start indulging!

And it is a MUST to camwhore ^^

We had a great time shopping afterwards, and dinner, etc. That will come under part II! Stay tuned for it if you want to know about another Vegetarian restaurant!


44 Jalan Eunos

Singapore 419502
Monday – Saturday and PH: 11:30am – 10:00pm (last order 9:45pm)
Sunday: 10:30am – 10:00pm (last order 9:45pm)
Phone: 6844 6868
Fax: 6844 1021


12 Marina Boulevard #02-05

Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3
Singapore 018982
Mon – Fri: 11:00am – 9:30pm (last order at 9:15pm)
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.
Open for private bookings.
Phone: 6604 6018
Fax: 6604 6017


200 Turf Club Road #01-32

Singapore 287994
Mon – Fri: 11:45am – 9:45pm  (last order 9:30pm)
Saturday, Sunday, and PH: 10:30am – 10:00pm  (last order 9:45pm)
Phone: 6462 1281
Fax: 6465 5218

Saturday, 14 September 2013

[AD] Fyeahshopping

Sponsored Advertorial:

Today, I will be introducing a new online shop called - Fyeahshopping!

I was sponsored two tops from the owner and here's my pick! 


I was hesitant at the start, but I knew that I had made the right choice! When I received my package, I was completely in love with this bright and bold piece. 

I am always in love with the colourful aztec prints as they make your outfit look less monotonous and much interesting! The eye-catching prints just brings out your whole character. And I absolutely love the bold geometrical shapes with daring colour combination of pink, black, yellow, blue and white. 

Having it in crop just makes it 10x better! It gives a fun and chic look with a hint of sexiness. 

It is a very versatile piece and you can pair if with any denim shorts or plain skater skirts. But I combined it with a solid black bandage skirt to anchor the look. The body hugging feature of both pieces would compliment your body shape and it's great for both dates or parties!

A perfect casual day-time look is made of a simple black skater skirt, comfortable pair of flats and a sheer top with an Aztec print. 

This is something with a lighter tone that is sweet-looking and girly. It is also made of chiffon material, this means that you can even wear long sleeved shirts out in such a hot country. 

What I love about this top is the sheer white sleeves, it allows you to show some skin without being too over the top. The intrinsic details of this Aztec chiffon top adds on style to your simple dressing. The pattern is already very complicated so do not exaggerate any further with accessories. White is a really versatile colour and almost any colours can go with it really well.

If you're not into skirts, then just match it with any casual high-waist shorts and you're good to go!

Do check out their Fyeahshopping current collection which features the Korean fashion trend. They sell really cheap clothes starting from $15 and I think it is a really good deal to add on pretty clothes to your closet. 

On days where you don't want to spend time thinking what to put on, just throw on this set of sweet floral dress with a white crop top to have a perfect outing. This is great for most occasions - dates, casual outings, picnics, school, etc. 

Peek-a-boo tops always catches my eyes because they are so basic yet cute! Basics are essentials of the wardrobe and the open shoulder really spices up your look. 

Pullovers are essential on cooling days and the best thing about it is that you can go for buffets without worrying that you will get bloated!

If pastels and florals are a big no-no to your fashion wear, Fyeahshopping also offers stylish and chic apparels. I like that this top is plain at the front... and so drastic at the back! It is almost like two types of style fitting into one single piece.

They offer a wide range of different patterns and styles, and these few photos are not enough to represent all of them. So remember to check them out at their page!

Also, follow them on Instagram @fyeahshopping

"Quote MONICE for FREE normal postage (Ends on 15th October 2013)"

Happy shopping girls!!

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Failure = Success?

I have something different to share about today in this post, something inspiring that I have came across during today's Career planning class. Our professor shares wonderful inspiring stories of successful individuals, and tries to instill positive mindset into us. And I find that this class is actually more useful than you ever thought of.

I have always believed that, before you want to achieve something, you have to have that positive mindset in yourself.

If you do not have a goal in mind, a dream you want to achieve, and a passion for what you want to do, then all that you are learning in school right now is actually POINTLESS.

And that is why, I realized that this lesson is really a useful one, something that we should constantly learning throughout our entire life.

He thought us that career planning is important, even in an early phase of our life as it enables ourselves as well as others to know what we plan to do in the future. He even stressed that "failing to plan your career is effectively failing in your career!" I think it is not easy for us to feel have self-awareness as most of us tend to be inferior of our own limits and weaknesses. But have you ever thought about this: how can you expect others to accept you, when you don't even try to accept yourself?

And Nobody is perfect.

And that means success does not come by all the time. Failure is inevitable in all points of our lives. But I have always believed: We are not dead. We did not lose all hope as long as we are breathing. And we can always make use of our lives to do something better, make changes to our situation. Nothing is impossible.

I believe that it is the perseverance that makes us become successful one day.

Success doesn't only come from your talent or abilities, but I really think that it comes mostly from our attitude and character. Being smart isn't all if you are just a weak individual who cannot take any blows. By that, you have already failed because there is no such thing as forever success. Like what J.K Rowling said: "It is impossible to live without failing at something".

If things don't go by your desired way, do something alternative, try something new. Do a breakthrough and find that solution. You will find that through that process, you would have learnt a lot.

Watch Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement speech here: (It's quite inspiring to me)

Remember, if you have really failed to the lowest point, there is only ONE way - which is going back up again.