Sunday, 29 September 2013

[AD] Milligram Prints

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Are you one of those girls who are in love with photography? ❤
If yes, then this post is totally for you! 

Because, I will be introducing you a new online shop that allows you to PRINT beautiful photos straight from your INSTAGRAM.

Besides sharing photos online, why not print them out as collection, memories or gifts to your family & friends. For those who think that Polaroid cams are too bulky/ expensive/ inconvenient, Milligram is a great photo-printing alternative for you! 

Simply log onto your Instagram on their website, select the photos that you want to print out, make your payment, and wait for the photos to arrive!

Benefits of Milligram compared to a Polaroid camera:
☑ Milligram is definitely cheaper (Polaroid cam can cost from $99-100+, not forgetting that the films can be quite expensive too)
☑ Polaroid cams are quite bulky to bring out, but Milligram allows you to print photos with convenience
☑ Polaroid cam prints out instant photos, but Milligram allows you to print out older photos as well

Of course, we can't deny that Polaroid cam has its benefits too, but these are just some reasons that I thought of.

Once you get your hands on those beautiful photos, there are actually many different ways you can do with them!

1) Decorate Your Wall

Instead of having a plain wall by your bed, why not plaster it with loads of sweet and fun memories that you can look at all the time? You can paste it on your mirror, by your bed, on your laptop, or EVEN THE WHOLE ROOM. Your choice!

2) Keep as Memories

Wallet is something that is really personal to us, and it would be nice to keep a photo or two of your loved one, just to take it out time to time when you miss him/ her!

3) Design a Scrapbook

When you run out of gift ideas, why not customized a photo scrapbook for your best friend or loved one? With sweet messages and memorable photos of the both of you, I'm sure this gift will melt the heart of any receiver.

4) Let Your Loved One Admire You

Print a funny/ silly/ cute/ pretty/ handsome photo of yourself and give it to your other half to admire you when he/ she misses you!

5) Write a Sweet Message

You can even write a short and sweet note at the back of the photo and give it to your friend as a sweet souvenir!

There's probably many other creative ways you can do with Milligram photos!

Milligram offers these 3 different bundles at affordable price! Visit their website for more info!

Personally,  I feel that this is a great deal! At such an affordable price, you get to print photos with a silky finish (somewhere in between glossy and matte). Milligram prints your photos on premium paper imported from the U.S.

If you would like to print custom-sized or non-Instagram photos, you can also drop them an email for discussion!

Milligram also provides FREE shipping to Singapore buyers!

Remember to enter MONICE10 during checkout to be entitled to 10% discount!
(Valid till 31st Oct 2013)



Enjoy printing your photos!


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