Thursday, 5 September 2013

Failure = Success?

I have something different to share about today in this post, something inspiring that I have came across during today's Career planning class. Our professor shares wonderful inspiring stories of successful individuals, and tries to instill positive mindset into us. And I find that this class is actually more useful than you ever thought of.

I have always believed that, before you want to achieve something, you have to have that positive mindset in yourself.

If you do not have a goal in mind, a dream you want to achieve, and a passion for what you want to do, then all that you are learning in school right now is actually POINTLESS.

And that is why, I realized that this lesson is really a useful one, something that we should constantly learning throughout our entire life.

He thought us that career planning is important, even in an early phase of our life as it enables ourselves as well as others to know what we plan to do in the future. He even stressed that "failing to plan your career is effectively failing in your career!" I think it is not easy for us to feel have self-awareness as most of us tend to be inferior of our own limits and weaknesses. But have you ever thought about this: how can you expect others to accept you, when you don't even try to accept yourself?

And Nobody is perfect.

And that means success does not come by all the time. Failure is inevitable in all points of our lives. But I have always believed: We are not dead. We did not lose all hope as long as we are breathing. And we can always make use of our lives to do something better, make changes to our situation. Nothing is impossible.

I believe that it is the perseverance that makes us become successful one day.

Success doesn't only come from your talent or abilities, but I really think that it comes mostly from our attitude and character. Being smart isn't all if you are just a weak individual who cannot take any blows. By that, you have already failed because there is no such thing as forever success. Like what J.K Rowling said: "It is impossible to live without failing at something".

If things don't go by your desired way, do something alternative, try something new. Do a breakthrough and find that solution. You will find that through that process, you would have learnt a lot.

Watch Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement speech here: (It's quite inspiring to me)

Remember, if you have really failed to the lowest point, there is only ONE way - which is going back up again.

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