Friday, 27 September 2013

Muchos Mexican Bar & Restaurant (Plaza Singapura)

It's my virgin experience to dine at a Mexican Cuisine restaurant! And I've also decided to try it out since I happened to come across a GroupOn voucher - $44 for $80 value. That's almost half price and I think it is worth the try! 

Muchos Mexican Bar & Restaurant (Plaza Singapura)

The restaurant was not very spacious but it was separated into an indoor and outdoor setting. We decided to pick the outdoor seats as it seemed to have a better ambience for chilling. 

I think that the prices are quite expensive but everything looks very appetizing on the menu! *Indecisive mode on* It really took me some time to ponder on what I want to eat. 

Long Island Tea ($18)

Muchos Platter for 2 ($28.90)

The appetizer looks appetizing (Well, of course), with a combo of different food like skewered prawns, calamari, mexican chicken wings, wedges, and quesadillas.

I really like tortilla chips dipped in salsa sauce! Spices up the whole feel and it's not too fiery hot for me. Having a same plate of food can be quite boring, so this combo is a great idea if you want to have a taste of different appetizers. 

Grilled Corn ($5.90)

Corns are my favourite side dishes. And this has a creamy buttery taste with a crunchy texture. But the red spices made the corn really salty which was not my taste preference. $5.90 for 3 corns is a decent price and I had it all to myself.

Tacos - Grilled seafood ($12.90)

This dish is average, and a partial reason is due to the messiness of the eating method. We probably weren't aware of the proper way to consume it, but we really had trouble trying to put it nicely into our mouth. Forks and knives are just not the suitable way as everything just comes apart. Holding it with our hands don't seem to work as well.

Can anyone enlighten me?

Wanna have a try? (:

#01-34, Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road

Contact: +65 63386001

With love <3

P.S Have been really really busy, so sorry for the lack of updates! Will have something to share with my readers soon! (Esp those who love to take photos!!) 

Oh, and I blogged with my new Macbook air! Quite excited about it! It's so light and the battery is awesome!!!

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