Monday, 21 October 2013

6 years anniversary celebration ♥♥ Momiji Japanese Buffet Restaurant

A super belated post from 21 Sep... which is our 6th year anniversary!

I felt like I've just blogged about our 5th year not long ago! I think time not only flies, it shoots like a rocket as well. And as usual, we picked buffet for our celebration on that day. 

We chose Momiji Japanese Buffet Restaurant.

Boyf hasn't tried the restaurant yet, and I'm missing the food there, so we decided to celebrate our anniversary at Momiji. 

And super sweet boyf bought me perfume which I have told him recently that I want to get perfume. Believe it a not, it's my first time having perfume. I do put on deodorant at times, but most of the time I just don't really care. But I've always walked past Victoria Secret at ION Orchard and I think the packaging is really pretty!! That kinda tempted me to get! 

Actually my boy bought the gift for me on the day itself because perfume is always bought best when you choose the fragrance yourself. I wasn't keen on getting those really elaborate designs although the bottle designs look extremely beautiful. I just didn't want my boy to spend that huge amount of money on something that I wasn't sure if I would use for long. (Since I might not stick with the same fragrance)

I picked these sets below and I realized that I really liked those fruity smell.

I guess I'm not ready for those matured fragrance and I want something more fun and fresh!

Believe it a not, I was excited about my new gift for a week!

Here are the ones I've picked:
(I put a ♥ beside my favourites)

Eau de Toilette

Such a Flirt ♥
Simply Breathless
Love Spell

Fragrance Mist

Coconut Passion
Amber Romance
Love Spell
Pure Seduction ♥
Sheer Love ♥

I really love my presents! And it has such a hot pink packaging which looks so fabulous!

Thanks love! ♥♥♥

I bought this keychain holder for my boy. It is supposed to hold your keys and since he's in Police NS now, I thought that this design would suit him just right! Mini handcuffs with a strap written POLICE. I know it's nothing compared to what he has given me, but I hope that he still loves it! 

We had a movie date before our feast begins at 5+! Look at those crab legs! So huge! We quickly took many big pincers before they're gone! (Which is true)

Momiji refills the seafood really slowly, or maybe customers are just too quick.. If there's one dissatisfaction I would point out, it would definitely be this. 

Wouldn't be talking much about the food since I've done a review on it before. If you're interested you can click this link to read about the restaurant:

And of course, not forgetting sweet photos of us!!! 

I looked so happy posing with my present!!!

Once again, Happy 6 years anniversary to my boy! 

We will have many years down the road and many more anniversaries! Thanks for everything!

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