Tuesday, 15 October 2013

A day out with Crystal Part II - Artease

Here's my part 2 day out with Crystal! After so long... I just couldn't find time. But here's the post! We managed to meet a few hours for the last time before she's leaving SG. 

If you guys want to read about VeganBurg experience with her, read it here: http://mons-diary.blogspot.sg/2013/09/a-day-out-with-crystal-part-i-veganburg.html

Since I had to complete some project with my friends after that, we decided to come to Scape & Cineleisure as it probably has more shops catered to our age. We didn't manage to have proper meals because it was pretty hard to find Vegan restaurants around.. But we went to try Artease! I have always walked past this Bubble tea stall but haven't got the chance to try it yet. 

Crystal ordered Rose tea, while I had my usual favourite (For tea flavours) - Passion Fruit! I think it's really sweet and refreshing! Even the pearls have a nice quality standard and they're so chewy, the texture is perfect for me. And I definitely want to get more, and maybe try out other flavours in the future!

We sat there for a fair bit of time, chatting about the old days. Time really flies.. 

And we had some fun decorating our photos that was taken with her phone. 

I kinda enjoyed chilling at Artease. Drinking Bbt on a comfortable couch and chatting with your friends/ loved one is really something great to do when you don't feel like walking around or shopping. 

But we still went ahead with some window shopping after that! Here's our OOTD!

My first time wearing that shoe out, kinda love it because it was something new from my usual footwear! It makes me look taller! AND, at the same time it's sooooo much more comfortable than heels/ wedges.

We came into this shop with quirky and interesting stuff. I like to walk into such shops and play around with the shop products hehe. Even the mirror looks so cute and interesting that I must snap a photo of us in it!

Us with the GEEKY specs!  

Spot that SKULL shot glass at the right? I think it's quite cool! When you feel your glass with liquer which is coloured, it will fill in the shape as a 3d skull! I would't mind having that glass to drink my water since I always take small little sips. But then again, water is transparent.. Maybe, for my soft drinks! 

And check out this skull..

It's actually a TELEPHONE!!! But Crystal is more into antique telephones which you can poke your finger into the number hole and then rotate in circles for every single number. I actually enjoy doing that too. 

I think that pretty much sums up our day, it's sad when you have to leave. But if you're reading this, Crystal, I hope you're doing well there! Hope to see you soon! But probably few years time again.. Take care! :D

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