Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Boyf's 22nd Birthday // Long Beach Seafood Restaurant // Geláre

Happy 22nd Birthday to my Love!

This is really belated as I haven't got time to do this post, finally there's a break in between my exams and I have some spare time for blogging! 

I brought my boy to Long Beach Seafood Restaurant to celebrate his birthday this year. It was a rather simple celebration as I didn't plan any surprises like last year :/ But I really hope that he's having fun too! 

Sri Lanka Pepper Crab ($54.00)

Delicious Pepper Crab but really small portion for $50. Still looks quite tempting as I'm blogging now.

Blanched Prawns - Small ($19.00)

Deep fried Baby Squid - Small ($10.00)

Honestly, this looks like a plate of intestines, but they're actually squids. 

Nah, I didn't eat it, the whole plate is for him hahah. 

The food is fresh and yummy, just a little not worth the price in our opinion. Both of us agreed that we could get fresh prawns and crabs from buffets and have non-stop indulgence! But they still taste good! Anyway we can't possibly get Pepper crabs for Japanese buffets as well! So it also depends on what kind of food you're looking for! 

"What's with that blur look, huh."

Posing with the refreshing Coconut drink

We had Geláre on some other day as well, also considered a mini Birthday celebration as that week was really hectic. I didn't get to spend much time with my boy. So I decided to bring him to his favourite Waffles restaurant to have a sinful dinner. 

They have recently just opened an outlet at the basement of Suntec City so we went to check it out. Totally different ambience from before. 

I'm always quite excited to know what flavours at available for the day. And Banana walnut is still the best till today. I would love to try Mocha Chip and Dark Chocolate Bliss. Chocolate is usually a no-no for me but dark choc seems quite tempting (If it's really dark and bittersweet). 

If you have noticed all my food posts on waffles/ pancakes, mine is always white and pure while my boyf's is always Choc, choc and MORE CHOC. 

Regular Waffle with Cappuccino Ice-cream

He got himself something else apart from Chocolate though. 

Regular Waffle with Caramel Fudge Brownie & Banana Walnut (YAY!!!! *Steals some*) 

Till now, I still love their waffles, so crispy and freshly baked! But their whip cream isn't sweet at all. I'm a whip cream lover, but this is just too tasteless..

Our happy smiles!!!

Hey love,
Happy Birthday to you!! You're one year older again. But still like a small boy who kept disturbing and making fun of me at times. But that is why we're always having so much fun and laughter together. Please stay that way ❤

I hope you enjoyed your 22nd birthday this year!

17 Sep 2013
(So glad you have the same birth-date as me!)

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