Friday, 29 November 2013

[AD] LollyTalk Christmas Mix is in town!

You better watch out. You better not cry. 
Better not pout. I'm telling you why. 
Santa Claus Lolly Talk is coming to town!

And Lolly Talk's Christmas Mix is really at town! (Promotion read below)

If you haven't bought any Christmas gifts for your family, friends or colleagues, here's the chance to purchase them at Plaza Singapura!

This is my second time blogging about LollyTalk, if you are interested of the Acquired taste collection, go ahead and read this post: 

I really love walking into LollyTalk which is filled with vibrancy and colours! It feels like I've just stepped into a candyland filled with yummy, delicious and pretty candies! The festive decorations just make me feel like I'm all ready for the Christmas season - the season of joy, love and fun!

Candies as gifts can never go wrong because who would say no to such delicious and cute-looking candies? With Snowman and Santa Claus designs, it's even fun to play with before you start popping them into your mouth. 

I am very sure kids are just gonna love it! Even adults as well!

I like the Snowman one!

So adorable right?!
And they taste soooo good too. I've always appreciated food art, because not only are they delicious to eat, they are beautiful to look at too. And I'm one crazy fella who will camwhore non stop even before I eat anything nice. Great pics for instagram! Hehe.

And here's for all the MINION LOVERS! Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-nana

Minions are one of my favourite characters and it's also very popular these days! The lollies really look like the exact minion face and I'm not surprised! LollyTalk can really customized so many complicated and unique designs.

My minions are stealing my sweets away!!!!

Just take a look at their HUGE variety of lollies! I'm sure you can find something you fancy! 

There will be NEW Christmas limited edition mix coming out soon! (X'mas + Minions)
Double the festive joy!
Here's a sneak peek! There are 4 different designs!

LollyTalk is already taking PREORDERS so do visit their FB page for more information about it! (Hurry! Limited stocks!)

Oh and before I end off, here's some promotion that you might want to take note of!

Prices (X'mas mix):
30g glass bottles S$2.90
40g glass bottles S$3.70
70g glass bottles S$5.30
130g glass bottles S$8.90
70g ziplock bags S$4.90

FREE Acquired Taste Collection when you purchase LollyTalk's Christmas Mix!

10 bottles of 30g: Free 1 Acquired Taste Collection 20g trial pack* (Worth S$2.50)

10 bottles of 40g: Free 1 Acquired Taste Collection 50g glass bottle* (Worth S$4.90)

10 bottles of 70g: Free 1 Acquired Taste Collection 20g trial pack + Free 1 Acquired Taste Collection 50g glass bottle* (Worth S$7.40)

10 bottles of 130g: Free 2 Acquired Taste Collection 50g bottle* (Worth S$9.80)

(Promotion will end on 30th Nov 2013)

Early bird Christmas Mix comes with 4-6 Christmas design/flavours in each mix. Get yourself surprised as the design of the mix will be random and varies. 

Lychee, Pineapple, Mango, Apple, Strawberry, Grape, and more!

Visit for more info!

Thank you LollyTalk for the awesome lollies! 

& Merry Christmas!!! HO HO HO~~~

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Universal Studios Singapore - Short updates

Beautiful photo, isn't it?

My USS annual pass is expiring, so my family & I went to USS for some relaxing time. BUT I'M SO DISAPPOINTED because Battlestar Galactica ride is CLOSED ): That's my favourite ride because I love thrills!

We just went around taking silly kiddy rides that we hardly take notice of usually. Heheh. 

Anyway there weren't much people on that day. Besides queuing 50min for the Canopy flyer and 25min for Revenge of the Mummy, the rest only took 5-15min! I think most people didn't bother to come to USS since the main attraction was closed.

All the photos here (Except for the last) are taken by my bro

Kinda love his camera when I'm taking non-human shots, mine was designed for selfies. I should borrow his camera more often next time for even better quality photos! 

Cute fluffy penguins coming through!

Another of my favourite - The Revenge of the Mummy

I just love riding on roller coasters! The higher and faster, the better! 

We took a colourful ride to the Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase too. 

It's probably quite kiddy but definitely brightens up your mood with the bright and colourful displays of Elmo and his friends! 

And when we wanted to leave the place, we spotted some quirky and funny costume hats just outside a store! 

How do I look in a dragon's head?

This week has been great! I've been watching movies online, reading my favourite books, and then I'll be attending some event this weekend! Really looking forward to it. I'll be sharing on a couple of things around next week as well. So drop by to read! :D

Monday, 25 November 2013

Tung Lok Seafood Ala Carte Dinner Buffet @ Orchard Central

I haven't had any buffets for quite awhile, and it is time I indulge a little on FOOD. 

My parents brought us to Tung Lok Seafood Ala Carte Dinner Buffet @ Orchard Central! Have been to this restaurant at a different outlet for a few times and my impression of it has always been Salmon Sashimi. Because every single time we dine at this restaurant, tons of Salmon were not spared. HAHA kiddin', we just had 2 plates for the night. 

Lucky enough, we got Salmon Belly for the second serving! 
(This photo shows the normal Salmon Sashimi)

Five-spiced Meat Balls

The balls probably don't look very appetizing here but it wasn't as bad as I thought.

Appetizer Jelly Fish with Pomelo Sauce

My bro's favourite. I don't eat Jellyfish :/

California Maki & Sanshoku Maki

From the look, you can tell that the sushi is terribly made.. Rice is too soft, seaweed too soggy, Sushi wasn't cut nicely. But what to expect from a buffet? 

Salmon Salad wrapped with Pancake

Anything with crepe tastes twice as yummy for me! So this is surely one of my favourites! 

TungLok Chilli Flower Crab (One serving per table)

Sambal Green Mussels (One serving per table)

I kept digging for the mussels beneath those shells. I would say that this dish isn't too bad, but I still prefer the fresh non-marinated ones served in the seafood sections during Buffets. 

Crispy Fish Skin with Salted Egg Yolk

Best dish of all! Fried fish skin has always been one of my favourite delicacies as it gives an extra crunch like potato chips and it's really too irresistible. With the taste of salted egg yolk within it, every bite makes me crave for more. Usually salted egg yolks are a no-no for me, but this has a perfect balance. 

Crispy Eggplant with Pork Floss

Poached Prawns with Herbal Soup

Deep-fried Prawns with Crispy Oats

I kinda enjoyed this dish as the oats gave the prawns a wonderful crisp for extra texture when you are chewing on it. But I couldn't really taste the original sweetness of the prawns. 

Poached Baby 'Kai Lan' served with 'Chinchalok' Sauce

"Jing Du" Pork Ribs

Deep-fried Sea Bass with Soy Light Sauce

Looks delicious, but the taste was far from expectations. The fish was not soft and smooth and the taste was rather normal. 

Besides the dishes above, there are many other dishes as well, including desserts! (But I wasn't very interested in the desserts..) You can visit their website to view their menu. 

When it comes to buffet, I generally prefer fresh seafood or Japanese types. For Chinese and cooked seafood buffets, I wouldn't mind going once in awhile though. It just depends on what food you are going for. Under Tung Lok, I really like the Dimsum and dinner ala-carte (Tung Lok Signatures), you may want to give it a try! (:

For Tung Lok Seafood Ala-carte Dinner Buffet
Adult: $38:80++
Child: $28.80++ 
(Below 12 years old)

Dinner 6:00pm to 10:30 pm

Friday, 22 November 2013

Halloween Horror Nights 3 @ Universal Studios Singapore


Have you all been to any Halloween events this year?? Well, I HAVE! After the previous experience at USS Halloween Horror Nights, we just couldn't have enough of it!

So here we are, back at USS for this year's Halloween!

Our OOTD! 
(I'm still wearing the Devil headband that I got from USS last year! Surprised that it could still work despite not changing batteries heheh)

This year, we have more people joining us on this fun and exciting Halloween! 
Gary, Andre, Jamie, Marcus, Leon and YiNing

Must take a group photo before the sky turns dark! My camera is pretty useless at night ):

When the event just started, we were "forced" to watch the performances of the 3 evil sisters. But because it was so packed, we couldn't even see anything. So we ended up taking some photos while waiting for both sides to open.

End up got people photobomb us HAHA (Pic not shown here though)

Taking photos and not even knowing what's happening at the front..

The first haunted house we went to was ADRIFT. HAHA 5 minutes queue only! That's because we waited a little while for the right side to open when everyone else were swarming to the left. Was already feeling pretty nervous and excited at the same time because I didn't know what to expect.

To me, this was the most horrifying haunted house!

The haunted house is actually a storm-battered ship that is found mysteriously adrift after being lost at sea. Well, you can imagine what's in the ship already. Spirits of the dead... out to scare you while you're walking through the cabins of the wrecked ship.

I felt like I was really trapped inside the cramped spaces and even the floor was elevated and slanted to create that realistic feel of being in a ship. Of course, water splashing was not spared for this.. What is most frightening about haunted houses is that you are always expecting something to pounce out and scare you from the corners. Despite being prepared for the surprise scares, I still screamed so loudly! Oops :x

We then proceed to the next section - FORBIDDEN FOREST where the next haunted house POSSESSIONS is located.

Even before you enter, I already felt the eerie atmosphere which gave me the chills.
It is actually a scare zone by itself with dark shadows and black magic. It was really dark there I cannot remember how many times I screamed when the scare actors come barging towards me out of nowhere. And my boyf just bullied me by pointing to me so I could get scared by them ):
I held my phone so tightly in fear of dropping it when I get shocked!!!

I was actually a little nervous for Possessions as the name itself already sounded quite daunting and spooky. Can imagine people getting possessed by evil spirits and then they turn out acting so crazy and terrifying ): 

But actually it turned out to be alright! I wasn't creeped out compared to the first. And everything look very elaborated and realistic. I felt like I was walking through a museum rather than the haunted house. Last year's scare factor was still much higher! I actually don't remember much already, bad memory! And why would I go remember the details of haunted houses hahaha. 

Some ghostly nurse selling drinks at the queues. 
Want some blood packet or jello syringe shot?

The last haunted house was SONGS OF DEATH - associated with traditional Chinese funerals and horror movies - joss sticks, talisman, tablet etc. I tried to open my eyes wide to observe every single details of the haunted house. After all, it isn't cheap to get in here. Must make the trip worthwhile!!!

CONVENTION OF CURSES was a scare zone and filled with witches, wizards and dark arts. We actually had the most photos taken in these scare zone together with the ATTACK OF THE VAMPIRES where we watched a little performance.

There were very elaborate decorations and the whole group of us just went around snapping photos. 

Creepy crawlies!!!

"Would you like a hand?"

More photos of us!

I think creepy dolls are really very scary..

The cold death scare of the vampire...

Lucky that isn't real, or he'll probably jumped and scare everyone hahahaha!

And this is even funnier! Boyf and Leon kissing the dead woman.

Well, I guess that's about it! It was really a fun and awesome night! Next year we probably plan to go to both USS and Sentosa for Halloween. But I heard that it's super scary!

So how was your Halloween?