Friday, 29 November 2013

[AD] LollyTalk Christmas Mix is in town!

You better watch out. You better not cry. 
Better not pout. I'm telling you why. 
Santa Claus Lolly Talk is coming to town!

And Lolly Talk's Christmas Mix is really at town! (Promotion read below)

If you haven't bought any Christmas gifts for your family, friends or colleagues, here's the chance to purchase them at Plaza Singapura!

This is my second time blogging about LollyTalk, if you are interested of the Acquired taste collection, go ahead and read this post: 

I really love walking into LollyTalk which is filled with vibrancy and colours! It feels like I've just stepped into a candyland filled with yummy, delicious and pretty candies! The festive decorations just make me feel like I'm all ready for the Christmas season - the season of joy, love and fun!

Candies as gifts can never go wrong because who would say no to such delicious and cute-looking candies? With Snowman and Santa Claus designs, it's even fun to play with before you start popping them into your mouth. 

I am very sure kids are just gonna love it! Even adults as well!

I like the Snowman one!

So adorable right?!
And they taste soooo good too. I've always appreciated food art, because not only are they delicious to eat, they are beautiful to look at too. And I'm one crazy fella who will camwhore non stop even before I eat anything nice. Great pics for instagram! Hehe.

And here's for all the MINION LOVERS! Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-nana

Minions are one of my favourite characters and it's also very popular these days! The lollies really look like the exact minion face and I'm not surprised! LollyTalk can really customized so many complicated and unique designs.

My minions are stealing my sweets away!!!!

Just take a look at their HUGE variety of lollies! I'm sure you can find something you fancy! 

There will be NEW Christmas limited edition mix coming out soon! (X'mas + Minions)
Double the festive joy!
Here's a sneak peek! There are 4 different designs!

LollyTalk is already taking PREORDERS so do visit their FB page for more information about it! (Hurry! Limited stocks!)

Oh and before I end off, here's some promotion that you might want to take note of!

Prices (X'mas mix):
30g glass bottles S$2.90
40g glass bottles S$3.70
70g glass bottles S$5.30
130g glass bottles S$8.90
70g ziplock bags S$4.90

FREE Acquired Taste Collection when you purchase LollyTalk's Christmas Mix!

10 bottles of 30g: Free 1 Acquired Taste Collection 20g trial pack* (Worth S$2.50)

10 bottles of 40g: Free 1 Acquired Taste Collection 50g glass bottle* (Worth S$4.90)

10 bottles of 70g: Free 1 Acquired Taste Collection 20g trial pack + Free 1 Acquired Taste Collection 50g glass bottle* (Worth S$7.40)

10 bottles of 130g: Free 2 Acquired Taste Collection 50g bottle* (Worth S$9.80)

(Promotion will end on 30th Nov 2013)

Early bird Christmas Mix comes with 4-6 Christmas design/flavours in each mix. Get yourself surprised as the design of the mix will be random and varies. 

Lychee, Pineapple, Mango, Apple, Strawberry, Grape, and more!

Visit for more info!

Thank you LollyTalk for the awesome lollies! 

& Merry Christmas!!! HO HO HO~~~

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