Friday, 22 November 2013

Halloween Horror Nights 3 @ Universal Studios Singapore


Have you all been to any Halloween events this year?? Well, I HAVE! After the previous experience at USS Halloween Horror Nights, we just couldn't have enough of it!

So here we are, back at USS for this year's Halloween!

Our OOTD! 
(I'm still wearing the Devil headband that I got from USS last year! Surprised that it could still work despite not changing batteries heheh)

This year, we have more people joining us on this fun and exciting Halloween! 
Gary, Andre, Jamie, Marcus, Leon and YiNing

Must take a group photo before the sky turns dark! My camera is pretty useless at night ):

When the event just started, we were "forced" to watch the performances of the 3 evil sisters. But because it was so packed, we couldn't even see anything. So we ended up taking some photos while waiting for both sides to open.

End up got people photobomb us HAHA (Pic not shown here though)

Taking photos and not even knowing what's happening at the front..

The first haunted house we went to was ADRIFT. HAHA 5 minutes queue only! That's because we waited a little while for the right side to open when everyone else were swarming to the left. Was already feeling pretty nervous and excited at the same time because I didn't know what to expect.

To me, this was the most horrifying haunted house!

The haunted house is actually a storm-battered ship that is found mysteriously adrift after being lost at sea. Well, you can imagine what's in the ship already. Spirits of the dead... out to scare you while you're walking through the cabins of the wrecked ship.

I felt like I was really trapped inside the cramped spaces and even the floor was elevated and slanted to create that realistic feel of being in a ship. Of course, water splashing was not spared for this.. What is most frightening about haunted houses is that you are always expecting something to pounce out and scare you from the corners. Despite being prepared for the surprise scares, I still screamed so loudly! Oops :x

We then proceed to the next section - FORBIDDEN FOREST where the next haunted house POSSESSIONS is located.

Even before you enter, I already felt the eerie atmosphere which gave me the chills.
It is actually a scare zone by itself with dark shadows and black magic. It was really dark there I cannot remember how many times I screamed when the scare actors come barging towards me out of nowhere. And my boyf just bullied me by pointing to me so I could get scared by them ):
I held my phone so tightly in fear of dropping it when I get shocked!!!

I was actually a little nervous for Possessions as the name itself already sounded quite daunting and spooky. Can imagine people getting possessed by evil spirits and then they turn out acting so crazy and terrifying ): 

But actually it turned out to be alright! I wasn't creeped out compared to the first. And everything look very elaborated and realistic. I felt like I was walking through a museum rather than the haunted house. Last year's scare factor was still much higher! I actually don't remember much already, bad memory! And why would I go remember the details of haunted houses hahaha. 

Some ghostly nurse selling drinks at the queues. 
Want some blood packet or jello syringe shot?

The last haunted house was SONGS OF DEATH - associated with traditional Chinese funerals and horror movies - joss sticks, talisman, tablet etc. I tried to open my eyes wide to observe every single details of the haunted house. After all, it isn't cheap to get in here. Must make the trip worthwhile!!!

CONVENTION OF CURSES was a scare zone and filled with witches, wizards and dark arts. We actually had the most photos taken in these scare zone together with the ATTACK OF THE VAMPIRES where we watched a little performance.

There were very elaborate decorations and the whole group of us just went around snapping photos. 

Creepy crawlies!!!

"Would you like a hand?"

More photos of us!

I think creepy dolls are really very scary..

The cold death scare of the vampire...

Lucky that isn't real, or he'll probably jumped and scare everyone hahahaha!

And this is even funnier! Boyf and Leon kissing the dead woman.

Well, I guess that's about it! It was really a fun and awesome night! Next year we probably plan to go to both USS and Sentosa for Halloween. But I heard that it's super scary!

So how was your Halloween?

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