Friday, 1 November 2013

Sushi Express + Chocolate Origin

It has been quite some time since I've went on a food exploration with boyf! We had nothing special on mind so we just walked around 313 Somerset and had an impromptu lunch at Sushi Express

I have heard of this restaurant but I just had no thoughts on trying it previously. Given the really cheap pricing, I was skeptical on the standard and freshness of the food, which was particularly important for Sushi. But since we were trying to save some money for shopping and it was a cheap alternative for Jap food, why not give it a try! 

ALL THE PLATES served on the conveyor belt were priced at $1.50. Yes, $1.50 only! INCLUDING premium items like Sashimi and even the Sea urchin. You kiddin' me?? At Sushi Tei, 2 pieces of Sea urchin is probably at $8~! But you know it makes so much sense when the Chinese saying goes: 一分钱一分货 (Translation: You get what you pay for)

I think the rest of the food was decent, not too fantastic but for $1.50, I would say it's alright. 

Tea and other condiments are free of charge. Don't expect much from the tea. Actually I would rather have plain water. 

The only food I found pretty worth it was this Kani Fumi crab meat served with mayonaise dressing. Influenced by my boy, I started liking this crab meat so much too! And it tastes really awesome when you cook it on the Teppanyaki stove with butter! 

Salmon Belly was alright, you can't expect much from $1.50 too right? But don't say I never warn you, the Sea Urchin was TERRIBLE. I spat it out after putting into my mouth. X_X 

But greedy me as usual, I took about 8 plates of other food and gobbled them down so fast that my boy only had a pathetic 2-3 plates HAHA. 

For those who are interested in trying Sushi Express, please don't have high expectations of the quality and standard. If I have any chance of dining at this place again, I would minimise on eating the Sashimi and just have the Sushi. Some of the Sashimi actually looked like the Popin Cookin that I have played before.. Serious.. One thing we didn't really like is that the conveyor belt had many repeated food and we had to constantly wait for new food to come out from the kitchen. This just means that those on the menu might not appear on the belt at all (It just depends if you're lucky a not).

Some photos! (I love the lighting there) 

| Black studded chiffon top from Bugis | Black tribal skirt from Luxy Couture | Necklace from RazzleDazzle

We had dessert straight after lunch! Decided that the cakes and puddings from Sushi Express aren't worth our money and the lava cake from Chocolate origin is just $5!!! Oh my goddd, you usually cannot find nice lava cakes at such an affordable price! The usual ones cost probably near $8-10 and above. 

I absolutely love their slogan - You don't need a reason for indulgence. 

I love this lava cake in a cup with Vanilla ice-cream at the bottom. The molten chocolate lava cake with warm chocolate fudge oozing out from the center is just close to perfection. Perhaps there's better and more premium Lava cakes in Town, but for a non-chocolate fan for me, this is a dessert to die for. 

I am already missing the taste and texture of it!

&&& HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I'm going to USS Halloween on sat! EXCITED!

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