Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Universal Studios Singapore - Short updates

Beautiful photo, isn't it?

My USS annual pass is expiring, so my family & I went to USS for some relaxing time. BUT I'M SO DISAPPOINTED because Battlestar Galactica ride is CLOSED ): That's my favourite ride because I love thrills!

We just went around taking silly kiddy rides that we hardly take notice of usually. Heheh. 

Anyway there weren't much people on that day. Besides queuing 50min for the Canopy flyer and 25min for Revenge of the Mummy, the rest only took 5-15min! I think most people didn't bother to come to USS since the main attraction was closed.

All the photos here (Except for the last) are taken by my bro

Kinda love his camera when I'm taking non-human shots, mine was designed for selfies. I should borrow his camera more often next time for even better quality photos! 

Cute fluffy penguins coming through!

Another of my favourite - The Revenge of the Mummy

I just love riding on roller coasters! The higher and faster, the better! 

We took a colourful ride to the Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase too. 

It's probably quite kiddy but definitely brightens up your mood with the bright and colourful displays of Elmo and his friends! 

And when we wanted to leave the place, we spotted some quirky and funny costume hats just outside a store! 

How do I look in a dragon's head?

This week has been great! I've been watching movies online, reading my favourite books, and then I'll be attending some event this weekend! Really looking forward to it. I'll be sharing on a couple of things around next week as well. So drop by to read! :D

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