Saturday, 7 December 2013

[AD] KATE Lash Maximizer Glossy Black EX-2

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Thanks to Lifestyle Post, I received a KATE Lash Maximizer Glossy Black EX-2 from them!

I feel that Mascara is one of the most essential make-up element of all times. In fact, I would rather go out with mascara than eyeliner if I were to only pick one. My eyelashes are typically Asian - sadly short and straight with single eyelids. It's true that eyeliners do play a big factor in enlarging your eyes. But mascara creates thicker and longer lashes that will give a natural enhancing effect to your eyes, and you can get away with wearing only minimal makeup. Of course, on days when I want my eyes to pop, I'll go with both! 

About the brand:
"KATE Cosmetics stands out in its category with its daring and edgy point of view. The award-winning brand caters to the hip and adventurous women who always step out with their best face forward. From dazzling eyeshadow palettes to exciting liners, KATE Cosmetics is definitely the beauty brand for the cool crowd."

What I particularly like about the KATE lash maximizer is the curved shape of the brush that makes application so trouble-free and easy. Due to the twisted angle, I am able to reach to the inner lashes of my eye and apply evenly on all sides. 

Here is my bare eye with no make up and looking small haha. See how I transform my eye into one with a smoky effect with the KATE lash maximizer and some eyeliner.



After a few applications, the lash maximizer had a lengthening effect on my lashes which was previously almost non-existent. I like how the mascara gave a natural and luscious feel to my lashes with a long lasting curl. Having a good mascara definitely makes your eyes look more awake. The lash maximizer has also added more intensity to my eyes with a black glossy finish. This can then be topped off with some eyeliner and eyeshadow to finish the look.

The mascara is also smudge-proof which would otherwise be a horror if it isn't, when you start noticing black patches underneath your eyes. It is unsightly and therefore undesirable when it comes to the decision of choosing a suitable mascara. Although it is smudge-proof, I like the easy removal of the mascara. Removing make up can be such a chore especially if it harms your skin with the continuous wiping.

However, the Kate lash maximizer might be a little too dry for me which makes it a little hard to apply onto my lashes at the start. But this problem could be solved by just applying a mascara base or primer first! 

Long eyelashes is a highly coveted feature desired by almost every women. Sad to say, not everyone including me, is blessed with natural and beautiful eyelashes. With KATE Lash Maximizer Glossy Black EX-2, this never-ending wish could be fulfilled by beautifying your eyes with extended and longer eyelashes. While the dramatic effect could not be achieved with this, it is great for daytime casual look as it comes with a natural effect.

With longer and beautiful lashes, you can start batting your eyelashes like her haha!

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