Sunday, 1 December 2013

[AD] Little Doll House Sanrio Name Stamps

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Any Sanrio lovers out there?!
Because I have something really cute and personalized to share with you girls! 

Ever felt so lazy writing your name in pen on your notes/ papers/ books? This Sanrio stamp is a solution for you! Besides, having such a pretty and cute character icon stamp beside your name just makes everything looks more awesome than ever.

Check out the 6 different Sanrio Designs - Little Twin Stars, Hello Kitty, My Melody, Kerokerokeroppi, Minna no tabo, Shinkansen

There are more than 80 icon designs for EACH character, 21 English fonts, 14 Chinese fonts and 9 different styles with 5 colours for you to choose from!
Sure to delight you with many lovely combinations!

The designs here are just a tip of an iceberg!

Check out my personalized Sanrio name stamp! 

I picked the Little Twin Stars because it's cute and really rare in the market as compared to Hello Kitty. So angelic pink and pastel. Chose pink fonts to match the whole design too. 

Start chopping on all my notes before they get lost! Hahaha. 

Besides the really pretty exterior design, the ink really has great quality too! When I chop it on my paper, it's evenly spread and there are no smudges unlike some other stamps. Every single letter can be seen clearly on the paper and it's beautiful

You can even print both English and Chinese names on one stamp but I'll just go with my English name heheh.

Little Doll House ensures that the stamps are high quality 4 colour silk screening printing.
For more details on sizes and patterns, you can visit their website!

And I love it that a free strap is included and you can hang it on your pencil case for convenience! 

Besides Sanrio stamps, there are other stamps available for purchase too.

If you enjoy writing love letters or friendship letters to penpals, these Craft stamps are going to add some colours and fun to your letter writing! Sometimes, craft stamps add a more special meaning to your words. And nice to look at as well!  

If you're getting married, get this Crystal ball stamps

Vintage and corporate stamps might add to your collection! There are simple corporate stamps available in their website too. 

For any blogshop owners out there, here are some Polymailers (Delivery envelopes) that might interest you! In fact, you will be spoilt for choices! 

Glossy and Matte type for you to pick! Comes in different sizes as well.

So you must be thinking, why polymailers when there are envelopes?


You could even impress your customers when they receive it! 

Well I did because I received a hot pink package from Little Doll House and I was thrilled just to see my favourite colour with a surprise waiting for me inside the parcel! The entire polymailer was intact and I would feel assured that my product will reach me safe and sound - No tearing, no water seeping through, etc.

I ever received packages that was close to damage and I was lucky that my stuff didn't get lost!!! ): 

So better not risk getting angry customers...

You could save your postage and save your parcels with these polymailers! 


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