Wednesday, 11 December 2013

[AD] MODI Glam Nails - Blue Lollipop No. 167

Sponsored Review:

How about some glittery sparkles for Christmas this year?

Thanks to Lifestyle Post, I was sponsored the MODI Glam Nails - Blue Lollipop No. 167! I used to be a nail fanatic (Probably still one, just that I haven't got extra time), and I am so excited to receive this sparkly shiny bottle of nail polish! 

Just in time to doll yourself up with fashionable and glamorous nails for the festive season! Ho-ho-ho!

About the Brand:
"Launched in Korea last year, MODI (Modern Impact) Glam Nails is a nail polish brand that has taken the country by storm, having already sold more than 10 million bottles. Used by one out of three Korean women, MODI is set to paint the town with nothing but the most fashionable colours."
Blue Lollipop is also one of the hottest colours of MODI Glam Nails! 

Before I even receive the package, I was already attracted to the colourful and funky pink/ blue glitter in the photos and the product did not disappoint me. 

Just like snowflakes, each design is unique! I really love the vibrant colours that stands out against a dark background, creating the galaxy feel with its glimmer. It just resembles the beautiful dark sky illuminated with bright stars and I really love this shimmering effect! The unique combination of pink and blue hexagon-shaped glitter together with the small shiny glitter also reminds me of some bokeh filters you see in your photography apps! 

I think that the application is generally easy, and I could lift the glitter off the bottle with the brush and onto my nails. If you're not happy with where the pink/ blue glitter landed, you can always use either a nail tool or just a toothpick to shift it around while the polish is still wet. The polish dries up quite quickly and I had no issues with it smudging all over the place when I'm doing my stuff. 

Something I don't really like about MODI Glam Nails is the really strong odour that comes with it. Apart from that problem, the colours are perfect!

 You can try out other colours and designs as well! Rhinestones/ fimo canes can be bought from my online shop Mon's Nailstore (Click <<)

I still think that this nail polish would suit darker backgrounds as the glitter is quite light in colour, giving a better contrast which would make the shiny effect stand out more. 

Let's have gorgeous and shiny nails with MODI Glam Nails!

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