Monday, 2 December 2013

Daidomon (Tenkaichi) Restaurant | Wagyu Beef Buffet BBQ

My dad brought us to try out this Daidomon Restaurant! I wasn't expecting much from lunch at the beginning till I realized what's offered at this restaurant. 

UPDATED* Now known as Tenkaichi Restaurant

Unlimited servings of WAGYU BEEF and SASHIMI. Are you kidding me?! I have had many buffets with great quality beef but never the premium type except in Ala-carte (Which means I can't really eat till I explode). But at Daidomon, you just have to pay a price, and then stuff as much meat as you can until you are bloated and contented.

Just look at the variety of premium meat and seafood in the menu. 
Btw, you will have to top up $2.90 $5.00 for free flow drinks + ice-cream.

P.S. I can't really tell which exact photo is which number, especially the meat section but don't worry, ALL are delicious! You should just order everything hehe

Feel so hungry upon hearing the sizzling sound on the charcoal grill.

The beef is really tender and juicy. The fat composition is balanced and flavourful, and the meat has a rich fine texture that melts in your mouth. Every bite is a taste of heaven and I couldn't help but place one after another into my mouth. 

Ox Tongue (TAN) is currently one of my faves. I always try to stay away from weird parts but I have gotten used to eating Ox tongues and this one is really good. The piece is sliced thinly and very soft and easy to chew on. Texture is one important factor in the overall quality of the beef. 

Sashimi was not bad. We ordered Salmon, butterfish and seabream. There were raw beef but I didn't dare to try as I'm not sure if its fresh. Butterfish was something new for me and I LOVE IT. 

The fish is so soft and fresh, with the subtle taste of butter. My eyes literally became wide after the first bite and I just shrieked in delight "OMG so delicious!"

It works equally well when you grill it too. I love the taste of butter! 

The prawns are fat and juicy as well, the taste of Tiger prawns. Not small pathetic ones. It was already last order by then, but we just stuffed ourselves with more prawns! 

My bro loved the pork, but I didn't really fancy eating pork because it's too oily and fattening, I'd prefer beef. But the standard is not bad. 

This "Eat-all-you-can" buffet is really something worth paying for if you are craving for premium quality food. Just pay once, and eat any amount you wish.

Daidomon is currently having a promotion. (U.P $98)

Perhaps $54.90 after promotion might not seem value-for-money to some. But for beef lovers, this is a reasonable price to pay to enjoy a feast of premium beef with no limit. At least, you won't have to constantly worry about the continuous burning of a hole in your pocket while you finish off the plates one by one.

Monday - Thursday (adult): $54.90++
Everyday lunch (child): $26.90++

Dinner on Friday - Sunday (adult): $59.90++
Eve of PH and on PH (child): $29.90++

There's also Daidomon steamboat buffet, you can visit their website for more info (:

Daidomon Restaurant:

371 Beach Road, Keypoint 
#01-18/19 Singapore 199597 
Tel: 6293 4498

Thanks for reading! I hope I made you all drool!!

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  1. thumbs up! I love to eat their beef and enjoy the ox tongue the most!