Tuesday, 31 December 2013

It's the end of 2013, and the start of 2014

I felt like Christmas was barely over yet, and the new year awaits me! Looking back at the past whole year, I realized how time flies and how much I have achieved personally. It may not be a lot, but I definitely have no regrets! 

This year has been very fulfilling in terms of learning and enjoyment.
And I'm looking forward to 2014 already!

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If someone were to ask me, I would proudly tell them that 2013 has been a very happy and fruitful year for me! 

Actually, I just don't know where to start.. 

The start of 2012 was a pretty rough one, since I had to deal with my undesirable A-level results and had no choice but to enter a school that I have never expected - SIM University at Buffalo. I regretted being lazy and not pushing myself hard enough, and so in 2013, I decided to push myself a little further. I started putting in extra effort and in Summer semester, I am proud to announce that I get straight As, and my overall GPA has been about 3.6. 

I guess 3.6 is just not very outstanding, but I am glad to see improvement in my studies and that sense of satisfaction is worth paying for. 

Boyfriend ♥

I wanna thank my understanding boyf who gave me never-ending support during my hectic study period. In about mid 2013, you were enlisted and we spent less time together as I was also trying to focus on my studies. But that did not greatly affect us. I'm really glad we made it this far.

Thank you for accompanying me throughout this journey and experiencing the fun we have together, especially when we are exploring different places for food. I am always looking forward to more in the future! Thank you for always pampering me and showering me with lots of care and love. 


School life was made easier with these bunch of friends that have been supporting me, and we share times of fun and laughter even in boring days of lessons. Just want to say thank you to all of you who have helped me one way or another! I really treasure our friendship! 

I'm glad we're a team! LE-GIO-CHE!

Of course, I would not forget my other BFFs whom we have been close to for many years. Each of you have made an impact on my life in one way or another and I would cherish the bond that we shared. Let's meet up soon again! I will not forget all of you!!!

Family Trip

I also went to a family trip to Malaysia in early 2013. Something different about this trip is that my parents invited boyf over too. I was actually quite surprised and happy about it! Theme parks are always one of the favourite to-do things on the list, and I had had a hell lot of fun over there.


Sanrio Hello Kitty Town

Blogging achievements

My blog is a little more than a year old already, and I never regretted taking it up ever. Blogging is my passion. It has taught me so many things and gave me such an unique experience. Not only does it give me a platform to jot down joyous memories and my personal thoughts, it has gave me a sense of satisfaction whenever I know that there are readers out there. 

I might start out small, but I truly enjoy what I'm doing and one day I hope to achieve something more out of it. 

I am really thankful to be invited to blogging events and I feel like this is a rare opportunity to expose myself more to the blogging community. Omy.sg and Nuffnang have also been platforms for me to watch movie previews and I am more than thankful for that. 

Fullhouse Signature Opening Ceremony

Apart from doing blogshop advertorials, I have recently started doing beauty products review thanks to Samplestore and Lifestyle Post. And thanks to all the blogshops and brands that I have collaborated before!

I really hope that I can achieve more from blogging in 2014. 

Japan trip

If you have been catching up on my blog, you would have known that I went to Japan Osaka just a week ago! I have gone to Japan a couple of times before but Osaka is my first! And I had a fun and adventurous time over there, especially in terms of exploring food places. Thanks to my parents who is always giving me and my brother the best they can, ensuring that happiness is our priority.

Just as 2013 is going to be over soon, this is not the time to look back and dwell on mistakes but to move on and continue staying happy.

I wish everyone a HAPPY 2014 AHEAD! 

Thanks for reading! :D

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