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Japan Trip #2 // Adventure World

Day 2 of my Japan trip is one of the best days at Japan! For day 1 click here to read:

Say hello to the Panda family! 

We even bought a printed photograph for this since its so cute and filled with lovely fluffy pandas! Check out my panda paws heheh.

I really had a pleasant experience at Adventure World as the place is filled with adorable cute animals, especially marine life like dolphins and cute fluffy penguins. I even intentionally dressed like a leopard since this is the only animal prints winter outfit I own.

Luckily I didn't attract the attention of a real leopard hehe. Yup, there are normal zoo animals but we didn't get to snap much photos as it was raining. 

WARNING: Photo spams ahead!!!

Spot that 3 fluffy black and white birds behind us??

Yes they are real penguins! 

I wish I can own one in my pond if I were to have it at my place. HEN CUTE LAAAA! (>_<) I never liked penguins this much before. And so I got myself a penguin bolster for just 1000yen!  

Oh, and that 2 pink flamingoes back there? They're real too! Boyf got a real shock when I said they were real live flamingos hahaha. Well.. I know they look a little fake like statues..

Red pandas are adorable to the max!!! Check out that foxy face (I actually thought they resemble foxes in a way). Their fur has such beautiful colour tones. And I actually saw it running around the enclosure before shitting, and it kept repeating the cycle. 

Sometimes I feel that animals are really intelligent creatures! Check out the sea otter waving to the audience before they get their tasty treat!

Clumsy little penguins flapping their wings and hopping around in the cage. Reminds me of the movie "Mr. Popper's Penguins", which I have watched at least 3 times because the penguins are too irresistible. I just can't stop staring at these black little creatures hopping around, ready for a nice swim. 

The dolphin performance was majestic and different from the past few that I have watched. Every single stunt was so spectacular that my eyes were stuck at the lovable dolphins every minute.

Such intelligent and pretty creatures!
Not only the dolphins were trained greatly, even the human trainers performed perfectly in tune with the dolphins' movements. 

It's a pity that I can only describe it in words, because I didn't manage to capture those special stunts (unlike the common ones) on camera as I was too engrossed enjoying the performance!! ): 

I don't know what made me like dolphins more than before, but I really want to come face to face in contact with dolphins at Singapore's RWS some day! 

The trainer is trying to signal the dolphins to make sounds which sounded quite "squeaky". 

And my oh myyyy, this is a CAMWHORE PARADISE! The first thought that came to my mind about taking photos and selfies (Typical Singaporean girls?) But just look at those fluffy animals! How can you not rush in to hug and play and then start snapping photos away??? 

And haven't I mentioned yet, the prices are so affordable that you can just straightaway purchase and stuff it into your luggage! 

Who cares if they can't fit in hahaha. 

Some of the smaller ones cost about 600yen which is roughly $8. I think it's a great deal as you probably cannot get such low prices outside and even in SG itself. (Some average-looking plushies like that size would probably cost twice as much already..) 

White and creamy animals are probably one of the cutest! But I can't believe I totally miss out a photo of the entire section of WHITE SEALS!!! 

*A moment of grief*

Never mind, at least I snapped a picture with creamy white polar bears! They look so cuddly! Here's where I bought some souvenir keychains for my friends too! I actually wanted a white seal for myself but it would probably get dirty in a short while since I just dump my phone everywhere :/

OOPS! I'm having an affair with a fat round penguin! *KISS KISS*  

Like I've said, there are normal wild animals section too, but I still prefer the marine life. 

Maybe... Except the leopards, because I look like them! ROARRRR. 

Otter: Please bring me home!!!

I'm having a date with this cute panda! Jealous??

Even the food they sell looks too cute to be eaten! 

I will be updating more about this trip, I promise! 。◕ ‿ ◕。

Photo credits (Besides the selfie): My dad & brother (


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