Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Monster Curry @ ION Orchard

As the name suggests - Monster Curry, this restaurant really lives up to its name due to its generously huge portions along with affordable prices. Monster Curry also claims to serve the biggest and heaviest Japanese curry rice in Singapore, which is also the main reason that attracted my attention. 

I didn't really like the ambience of the restaurant as the place is quite cramped, after all this isn't some pretty-looking restaurant, and rather more like a food court. But if you're looking for a quick bite at a reasonable price, Monster Curry is considered value-for-money for many due to its enormous serving

Monster Curry offers a wide variety of different curry such as the original, meat, seafood and even the different combos. You can even purchase extra toppings to your order.

The price ranges from $9 to $20++ depending on what you order. But for such an enormous plate? I'll definitely say its worth it, especially if you are a huge eater and eat like a monster haha. 

If you unsure about the spiciness, you can always request for your desired spicy choice:
1 Flame (Normal Hot)
2 Flame (Extra Hot)
3 Flame (Very Hot)
4 Flame (Super Hot)
5 Flame (Monster Hot)

If you are very indecisive like me, you can try getting the Monster Combo Curry which is also perfect for two (Unless both have huge appetites)! 

Monster Combo Curry
Pork Katsu, Fried Fish, Pork Shabu Shabu, Tempura, Cheese

The plate is roughly 36cm long in diameter and that's crazily huge! The dish is piping hot when served and the curry gravy is thick and flavourful. We ordered 1 flame as we were not sure what to expect, but it turned out to be quite spicy because I ended up mixing all the sauce into half the portion of the curry for myself (since boyf doesn't take chilli). 

Some of my favourites in this dish is the fish and especially pork shabu shabu which is surprisingly tender and soft. I enjoy fried food but when every single meat is so deep-fried, I just get tired of chewing on them. Having some tender chewy meat would make a great complement! Unfortunately, the prawn tempura was not up to our expectations as we could only taste the fried portion of the tempura and not much of the prawn. 

Despite the appetizing curry dish, I still didn't have a big appetite that day after gorging down plates and plates of Wagyu beef during lunch buffet. But if I visit this restaurant again, I will definitely want to try the Sea Monster Curry with scallops!

Parco Marina Bay Outlet
9 Raffles Boulevard
Millenia Walk Itadakimsu #03-05
Singapore 039596
Tel: 6333 4755

ION Orchard Outlet
2 Orchard Turn #B4-52
ION Orchard
Singapore 238801
Tel: 6509 4555

#05-01 Stall 24 Food Republic
313 Orchard Road
Singapore 238895
Tel: 6836 6855

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