Friday, 13 December 2013 - Free Contests & Giveaways

HOHOHO! Christmas is arriving and it will be the season of gift-giving! But besides receiving presents from family and friends, you can even win something from! 


That anticipation for the announcement of a giveaway or contest is so intense yet exciting. But that very moment you see your name on the winners list, it's really super satisfying! 

And that is why I went to create an account on which is all about contests and giveaways!!!

Probably sound like an auntie for grabbing every single freebies.. BUT
Who doesn't love the feeling of winning something right?! 
Cannot afford to miss those great deals! You might even win cash prizes, interesting products and even your dream holiday!

One of the BEST things about this is that the contests are ALL FREE!

Right.. Now I am more than excited to start joining..!! 

"There's nothing to do on the computer..."

"OHHH YEA, I'm sooo gonna take part in it!"

So... what exactly is is Singapore's first platform in hosting contests and giveaways where public users can sign up an account to participate in various contests and stand a chance to win attractive prizes. 

But that's not all...

Because businesses can also advertise their product/ service by creating their very own contest/ giveaway on which will be almost effortless to do so. It is definitely a great marketing technique. As you can see, people like me will just take part in as many contests and giveaways as I can!!

Just check out the different varieties of contests has to offer! 

You can easily choose a contest that you want from the few main categories - Contest Type (Lucky draw, photo/ graphic, Instagram, etc) and Prize Categories (Beauty, Food/ Dining, Shopping/ Retails, Fashion, and much more). 

Some of the contests are based on luck while some are skills. 

Top Prize values start from hundreds to even THOUSANDS?! 


That's so much more attractive than winning one apparel of your choice (Although it's always good enough to win freebies! Hehe)

I'm personally enticed to the KOI and CapitaVouchers! YESSSS, KOI is my addiction and I'm always craving for it whether a not I'm feeling thirsty. Must get my hands on the prizes!!! And CapitaVouchers can add to my shopping money too since they are actually cash vouchers! 

I even spotted a Hello Kitty Sandwich maker as a prize!!!

Oh! And the contest thumbnails I've posted below are not everything they offer, there's more! 

Have any caught your eye yet? 

At your profile settings, you can even customized it to your likes by ticking the boxes besides the categories that you're interested in, but I am going to click "TICK ALL" hehe.

(Yes I'm greedy...)

So when you have set your eyes on one contest, click into it and it will bring you to a similar page like this. At the right, you can know the number of days left to participate in the contest. And below it, just follow their instructions and submit your particulars! Easy peasy! 

Just LIKE the page and submit your particulars at the right! That's so simple to take part, isn't it? 


This is definitely a contest for me since I am a nail art fanatic! There are 5 different themes of manicure designs. I just have to submit a photo of my nail art designs and tell them in >20 words what inspired me to this creation. 

And then just wait for the good news to happen!

OH! And this is not the only benefits you can get from Prizle! 

Just by doing the basic stuff, you get to earn Prizle points! 
So far I have about 1000 points! ☺

Register a Prizle account (250 points)
Fill up a full profile (500 points)
Join first contest (250 points)

Every visit is a reward-earning opportunity! So why waste it?
You stand to win vouchers and some other prizes by accumulating those points!

VISIT and don't miss out any chances of your luck! 

"May the odds be ever in your favour!"

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