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10@Claymore Buffet | Modern Bistro Grill (Our Christmas dinner)

I can't believe after 7 days of non-stop indulgence in delicious food, I went for another buffet right after the day I arrived at Sg. After all, I only landed in Sg at about 7pm, my boyf and I only had time to order pizza. It makes sense to have a proper Christmas celebration to satisfy our tummies! 

10@Claymore was my pick since I have read many good reviews of it online. 

Before I go on, I apologise for the really bad quality of the photos as my camera died on me (But it is revived now), and I had to use my iPhone 5 camera on that day which is such a huge pity :/

The certificates and awards are proofs that their restaurant is of super good standard! So rest assured when you dine here. 

"10 at Claymore is Pan Pacific Orchard’s signature restaurant – a modern bistro grill serving contemporary cuisine and where meat lovers can satiate their appetite with a variety of quality flame-grilled steaks and ribs available on the à la carte menu. The meats have been carefully sourced from around the world before earning a place on the menu, one of the highlights being the Blackmore Full Blood Wagyu Beef, which is grain fed for 600 days and boasts an impressive 9+ marbling score.
The restaurant is also winning the hearts of buffet fanatics with the popular ‘Plates of Pleasure’ à la carte buffet concept, where guests can enjoy unlimited servings of premium meats and other seasonal specialities presented in petite portions and served à la minute.
The live cooking in the show kitchen adds to the theatrics of the restaurant and guarantees the freshness of the dishes as they are prepared before the guest’s eyes. Diners will also appreciate the peaceful ambience of the restaurant’s location, coupled with a convenient proximity to Singapore’s iconic shopping haven - Orchard Road."


A succulent spread of seafood awaits me!!! Crayfish, scallop, lobster, mussels and prawns.
The lobsters were the best! Very meaty and fresh. Although 10@Claymore didn't offer my favourite crabs, the yummy lobsters did compensate for it! 




There were two types: Australian and Canadian oysters (Couldn't tell much of a difference to me)

Oysters are also one of their signature dishes as the freshness is great.  The oyster's texture is firm and slippery as well. If you are a oyster lover, 10@Claymore is the place for you to indulge in oysters.
The chef also shucks the oysters on the spot at the counter to keep it fresh. 

Just add a tad bit of tabasco sauce for that extra kick. Lemon would do the work too. 






I tried the one on the extreme right and spread it on a biscuit, surprisingly tasted really yummy! I should go for this section more! 


The salad is so amazingly delicious I swear! When boyf went to take the salad for me, the immediate reaction was "wow" after I tasted it. Later on did I realize that there was a huge mixing bowl for you to mix the vege and salad dressing together so that the sauce will be infused into the salad and make it more flavourful. 

10@Claymore also offers the Festive Plates of Pleasure
In which you can make ala-carte orders on this menu that is already included in the buffet price.

American Kobe Wagyu Beef

The wagyu beef is not really the taste of premium wagyu, but I still liked the dish as the condiments on the top made up for it. The meat may not be very tender as I expected but the cooking style definitely made up for it! 

Australian Ocean Salmon

The salmon was quite soft and the outside has a slight crunchy texture. The sauce was sweet and a perfect complement to the dish! 

Penang Peddler's Famous Spicy Prawn Noodle in Soup

I was attracted to the word "spicy" and I was also craving for hot soup at the point of time. Besides the dish being a little too oily, I think it tastes great! 


The desserts forever look so tempting in almost every buffet! I was so happy to see festive decorations at the buffet corner! Lights up everything!

I did not get to try every single cake since I didn't like some, but for those favourites that we took, the standard was really great and we felt really contented to fill our bellies with sweet desserts after the sumptuous dinner!

There were crepes too! But I didn't want to finish one by myself and the choices were only nutella or peanut butter. Not a fan of both. Plus I already know where to get crepes in Singapore!

10@Claymore has a really peaceful ambience and it serves quite a wide variety of food from meat to seafood delicacies. Given the standard buffet pricing, I think that this restaurant has more to offer compared to other hotels. And especially for oyster and seafood lovers, this will be the perfect place. What probably disappointed me a little is not serving Laksa. But that would really be a really mini flaw since I can have that almost anywhere. For festive or special occasions that require me to celebrate at a hotel for buffet, I wouldn't mind to dine at 10@Claymore again! 


Buffet Pricing:
Lunch: S$42* (Monday to Saturday)
Dinner: S$62* (Monday to Thursday)
Dinner: S$68* (Friday to Sunday)
Brunch: S$72* (Sunday only)

Operating Hours:
Breakfast: 6.00am to 10.30am (Daily) 

Lunch: 12 noon to 2.30pm (Daily) 
Dinner: 6.00pm to 10.30pm (Daily) 
Brunch: 12 noon to 3.00pm (Sunday)
(65) 6831 6686

10 Claymore Road, Singapore 229540

Loving the high-low dress bought from H&M in Japan! 

Us with the X'mas tree ♥


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