Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Ayam Penyet RIA (Smashed Fried Chicken) at Bedok Mall

I met up with Khadijah after such a long time and we decided to dine at Ayam Penyet RIA. I have always walked past this restaurant, and the decoration theme attracted my attention. I was always tempted to try it out some day. 

Ayam Penyet RIA offers the "taste of Indonesia" as it is an authentic Indonesian restaurant. Most of the marinades and spices are also imported direct from Indonesia, which probably explains why the chilli is so fiery hot. Using wood and bird cages hung onto the ceiling as their decoration, the restaurant provides a very traditional and cosy feel. It is also a fast food style with self-order service at the counter. It is almost like a place for us to sit down, have a quick meal, and leave the moment we're done. 

I was curious to know why it is called "Smashed Fried Chicken" and went to search it up on the web. Yes, it is literally smashed to make the meat more soft and tender. Please enlighten me if I'm wrong. 

Khadijah's order:
Bawal Penyet (Smashed Pomfret)

My order:
Sayap Penyet (Smashed Chicken Wings)

The dish was piping hot when served! I could barely handle the chicken as it was too hot for me. The chicken wing had a perfect crunchiness and I could feel the oiliness of the chicken oozing into my mouth as I sink my teeth in. I just adore oily food! (Sounds pretty unhealthy I know). The cereal bits gave an extra light crisp and texture to the chicken and the rice (Which is included in Khad's set, not mine). 

And for the chilli, don't underestimate it.. It looks pretty normal here in the picture. But it is really fiery hot. My suggestion is to be easy on the chilli on the first try, or you'll just regret the moment you place a huge chunk into your mouth. While the hotness of the chilli is burning my throat, the taste is actually pretty addictive as it adds a kick to the plain chicken wings. Only for the chilli lovers! 

The price is really affordable like any fast food chains and it caters to anybody, especially those who are on tight budget and just want to have a quick and cheap meal! Although I couldn't judge if the food was authentic as I hardly consume Indonesian cuisine, I would say that the taste is pretty decent for such a low price and I wouldn't mind revisiting this place when I do not want to splurge on food! 

Ayam Penyet RIA Menu:

Bedok Mall, Singapore

(Available at other locations too)

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