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Japan Trip #4 // Kiyomizu-dera, Toei Kyoto Studio Park

 Kiyomizu-dera 清水寺

Located halfway up Otowa Mountain in the eastern part of Kyoto City, Kiyomizu-dera is a historic temple that was established in 778, even before Kyoto became the capital of Japan. 
Since its foundation, the temple has burned down many times. Most of the current buildings were rebuilt by the third Shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu in the early Edo period (1631 to 1633). 

This is one of the important cultural properties known as the Deva Gate. And there are also two Deva kings guarding the temple on both sides (Not shown in photo here)

A photo of me scooping the water from the well. Not sure what it means because everything is in Japanese but I assume that it is going to bring you luck and blessing. 

We did not have sufficient time to explore the entire place but we found ourselves walking towards the attraction where people can pray or wish for luck in love or marriage. 

This is a place for people to write their blessings or wishes on the wooden card and hang there. 

Known as the "Love Stone", one has to touch this stone and walk over to touch another stone with their eyes closed. If successful, it is said that the person will have all wishes and luck come true. All of us tried walking with our eyes closed and it seemed easier said than done! 

I got distracted and I immediately got all my steps wrong :/ But I still managed to complete the process with the help of my family's instructions haha. So I'll get my blessing! Hehe

This place is the main hall (Hondo) and is also designated as a national treasure. The view of the city center of Kyoto from the stage at the main hall is magnificent and also a perfect spot for family photos!

Otowa Waterfall where visitors can drink the sacred Otowa water from the ladle. We dare not drink the water though and there was a really really long queue.

 Kyouryouri Chokushinbou Saiki 京料理 直心房 さいき

We had a luxurious and delicate meal for lunch prepared by the chef in front of us. But if you are aiming for full indulgence of meaty food, then I wouldn't recommend you to visit this place. Although this is a 9-course meal, every single dish is prepared with a really tiny portion. 

I believe that this is intended for customers to appreciate and savour the food little by little, as each dish is so delicate and exquisitely prepared. Even the carrot strips are twisted for decorations on the top. I love the food plating for some! My favourite dish would be the Sashimi on the 3rd thumbnail. Combined with their special sauce, it brings out the sweetness of the fish and enhances the taste greatly! 

Toei Kyoto Studio Park 东映京都电影城

Toei Kyoto Studio Park is the only theme park in Japan where you can observe the filming of period dramas (jidaigeki films). This set depicts a street from the Edo period, and is used to shoot more than 200 films per year. One can enjoy the atmosphere of ancient Japan by taking in a ninja show maybe even dressing up as a geisha or samurai.

The indoor consists of interesting stuff and some of your childhood favourites like POWER RANGERS! Boyf immediately went omg went he saw the photos that I sent him. I knew that he would be in shock and envy hahahaha. 

Trying to pose like them too.

To our surprise, Toei Kyoto Studio Park offers even more outdoor. The whole stretch presents traditional house settings incorporated with Japanese culture. I feel like we have walked into a Japanese movie!

Got the "拍戏" feel a not!

At this place, we get to understand more about Japanese culture and lifestyle by looking at the furniture.

And we get to see NINJAS! Most of the activities such as dressing up as a real ninja, requires extra charges. Since we only had about 2 hours at this attraction, we just ended up taking photos instead of taking part in any of the games and activities.

We get to see some staff wearing traditional Japanese clothing as well!

My bro getting shot by the cannon! hahaha.

Fugu Kurobuta Shabu Shabu Mumon 黒

Dinner was quite sumptuous with Kurobuta pork! 

I never fancied pork for shabu shabu or teppanyaki, but I was blown away after tasting it. Kurobuta pork is prized for its tenderness, juiciness and flavour. Every bite is filled with heaven as the fats provide the melting sensation in my mouth.

ENJOY the photos as you drool :P
Ended the day with so many fulfilling activities and delicious food!

21 Dec 2013

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  1. I love kiyomizu dera temple. Omamori of this temple is aivalable on ... I hope one day to return to Japan