Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Japan Trip #5 // Bifteck Kawamura 川村神户牛排 // Kani Doraku Restaurant かに道楽

Day 5 is not about place-visiting fun but ALL about FOOD and shopping! But for this post I'm going to focus on the two awesome restaurants that we went to. Simply two of the best meals that I had over at Japan. Another of my favourite would be during Day 6! 

 Bifteck Kawamura 川村神户牛排

At Bifteck Kawamura, you can be ensured that you will be served "the highest class Kobe Beef". They are known as the best of all Japanese Black Cattle since only a limited group can pass strict conditions among Tajima Beef Cattle. Bifteck Kawamura has also purchased several award-winning beef and this is proven by the framed certificates mounted on their restaurant wall. They also serve consistent high quality and authentic Kobe Beef. 

*Do take note that reservation is required as it is always fully booked* 

My dad ordered the Second Award Winning Kobe Beef Steak Course and Excellence Award Winning Kobe Beef Steak Course (2 sets each).

Second Award Winning Kobe Beef Steak Course
¥ 16,050 (Sunday lunch price is Yen 13000)

Excellence Award Winning Kobe Beef Steak Course
¥ 22,050 (Sunday lunch price is Yen 16000)

It's about SGD160 and SGD196 respectively for the Sunday lunch set.

Excellence Award winning Kobe Beef Sashimi

My first time trying Beef Sashimi. It wasn't as raw as I thought! In fact, I loved it! Not too chewy and the texture of it is firm. 

Oxtail Soup

The soup was so savoury and delicious! Not too salty nor bland, just the perfect level. 

Season Salad

I just can't put words to describe this simple dish of salad. So simple, yet delightful. Not kidding. The salad dressing was so intricately balanced with the vege, I just can't bear to finish the entire plate. 

Now to the main course of the day...

Excellence Award winning Kobe Beef Steak (120g) with Vegetables

Every bite is so divine and cooked to perfection! Each and every piece is so nicely cooked without a slight hint of dryness. I know I should savour it down slowly to appreciate each and every bite. But I gorged them down like no tomorrow because it's too hard to resist! It would have been much better if the beef was sliced a little more thinly. 

The bread beneath it was fresh and because it has absorbed the oil from the beef, it tasted really yummy! Crispy on the sides, soft and flavoured at the middle. 

Dessert (Yuzu Ice-cream) 


No doubt that Bifteck Kawamura serves really premium high-quality Kobe Beef to satisfy customers, including me. I really enjoyed my lunch! However, I feel that the set meal is extremely expensive and I was also barely full after the meal. My mum (having really small appetite), gave me and my bro some of her portion already. Honestly, I would rather spend the equal amount to indulge on much more plates of beef.

Nevertheless, if you do not mind splurging on a sumptuous meal once in a while, Bifteck Kawamura would be a restaurant worth trying as it is quite famous as well! Remember to make reservations early though!

Kani Doraku Restaurant かに道楽

If you aren't a crab lover, I suggest you find elsewhere to feast. Because at Kani Doraku, they serve crabs, crabs and more CRABS! I was already beaming with excitement the moment I stepped into the restaurant. 

I picked the set meal on the left page (7800yen = SGD95) for each person! The photo looks so tempting already! I love to eat crabs so much and now every single dish is a different crab delicacy!! 

The chopsticker holder is really cute too! 

The style is similar to cold crabs served in buffets, just that this time, it's fresher and sweeter!

Ever since I tasted crab sashimi, I started to fell in love with it! And I can finally taste it again! So fresh and sweet, it melted quickly in my mouth. The taste of it was so delectable that I wished there were more for me to savour. 

This dish was grilled and seasoned to my liking as it wasn't too overpowering. I still preferred the plainer version. But I enjoyed the different variation of crabs that was served. 

Though I'm a beef lover, I got to admit that Kani Doraku is my favourite restaurant that I've tried during my Japan trip! At Singapore, I never get the chance to have a full crab feast, and even Crab sashimi! The food served is definitely with premium quality and the service is great! I feel that the price is also reasonable as well. Of course, you can also pick the set meals that are of lower price and you will still be ensured a sumptuous meal! When I visit Japan again, I will definitely want to revisit this restaurant!

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