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Japan Trip #6 // Nara Park 奈良公園 // Tajimaya 但馬屋

Nara Park 奈良公園

If you are fond of farm and tamed animals like deers, you will definitely love the interaction with hundreds of freely roaming deer. Nara Park (Nara Koen), established in 1880, is a large park in central Nara. Nara Park has close to 1200 deers. It has become a symbol of the city and have been designated as a natural treasure. 

At Nara Park, the deers are free from enclosures and they just roam anywhere they liked. It was simply a joy to just walk up to them, stroke them, hug them and even feed them with deer crackers sold all around the park for just 150yen (SGD$1.80). The deer are surprisingly tamed but they can be a pain in the ass at times. I meant literally, as it might nudge you aggressively with its head, and pester you to feed them. 

After all, these deers are wild animals so they could become aggressive at times and occasionally attack people. So... be careful!  

It was such a beautiful sight to see herds of deers galloping around the green patches of grass. 

Either the deers are hungry or greedy, because one of the deers resorted to "stealing" from somebody's bike! Such a sneaky and clever fella. 

You cute little creature, staring innocently >_< I just can't believe I've stepped into this piece of heaven. I've always wished to interact with animals so closely!!! 

"You want a photo of me? Come, I show you my butt!"

 The deer snacks here are really affordable and cheap! We spent about SGD20, but it lasted us for a few hours! One technique is to break the biscuits into smaller pieces as you turn round and round to feed so many deers. Because the food will be gone in seconds and they start nudging you for more. 

I feel like half an animal because of the outfit I have chosen hahaha. Do I blend in with the deers? 

It makes me feel so happy to be around those fluffy adorable deers! I wish that I could just take one home with me heheh.

My brother feeding the deers | |

HAHA. Some funny moments I snapped. The deers trying to snatch the snack off my brother's hand. 

And turned out one of them wanted a kiss too!


Tajimaya 但 斎橋

Tajimaya specializes in its charcoal grilled meat, and provides an extra pleasure of barbecuing the food by yourself. The black stone plate and utensils give the impression of black charcoal and this gives a very traditional Japanese feel. We were also given a room by ourselves and I absolutely enjoy privacy while dining in a group. 

The only matter that bothered us a little is that the place was a little too warm and stuffy and it was unbearable to still barbecue at such an uncomfortable temperature. Otherwise, this restaurant is really affordable (according to my dad), we were also provided with excellent service and the food tasted superb! 

I shall not go into details of every dish as I don't even know the names of the dishes. The food we ordered were simply recommended by the staff as everything in the menu was in Japanese. Thankfully, there were English-speaking staff or else we will have a hard time communicating :/

The beef is tender, juicy and literally melts in your mouth when you eat them! Wagyu beef definitely lives up to its exorbitant price as they are all of excellent quality! And have I not mentioned that the prices here are lower than some other places which serve similar quality food and service? 

As you can see from the photos, the beef has a consistent marbling effect of the fats which gives a even more tender and smooth texture to it. Tender is probably an understatement.. 

Enjoy the photos and drool! 

23 Dec 2013

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