Sunday, 5 January 2014

Minions invasion @ Universal Studios Singapore

99% adorable, 1% despicable.

Those who know me would probably know that I am a fan of minions!!! 

I have posted several photos of minions before, including Mcdonald's minion toy set, some of my minions keychain or phone case, drawing minions on a paper and EVEN on a graphic calculator. Oh, and I've watched Despicable me 1 & 2 countless times together with the mini video clips online.

Now you probably can guess how crazy and excited I was when I knew about the Minions in USS! I totally went like... 


If you're a MINION LOVER just like me, you are going to enjoy the photo spams below filled with minions, minions and more MINIONS. 

Say HELLO to this tower of minion plushies! I think the smaller minions are cuter hehe.

And this "purple evil minion" beside me. Close enough huh? 

And I would love to have this minion X'mas tree in my house! 

There's tons of other minion souvenirs like mugs, photo frames, keychains, slippers, hats, bags, etc. The photo frame is really cute! But I consider it a little pricy and my house is renovating soon.. no point to get it yet. But look at how cute is that photo frame!!! 

"Don't bother me, I'm making plans."

What a cute tank! Bought one for myself. After staff discount from boyf's friend, the tank costs about $28. Quite expensive I know, but just can't help it. 

Margo, Edith, Agnes (the most adorable one) and Gru plushies. 


Wah this picture very matching with the innocent-looking minion keychain hanging from my camera with the one-eyed minion cap which kinda resembles construction worker cap. 

Finally, it's the Minions meet-and-greet session! Jerry and Stuart, the minions of Gru. 

In the movie, Stuart is one of my favourite minions, because it's the mischievous one heheh. But for the mascots, Jerry look cuter as it's rounder and fatter. Only managed to queue and take one photo. Then we missed out the other timing for the 2nd meet-and-greet!!!! Super regret, because I don't know when I will be going back to USS again (My annual pass expired already)..

Luckily boyf managed to capture this photo for me! 

The rest of the day was just walking around, watching shows and taking photos. We didn't get to take a SINGLE ride. The crowd was mad. Transformers ride and a couple of the others had a ridiculously long queue of about TWO HOURS. No way I'm waiting so long for a ride. So photos it shall be! 

Got this Puss in boots potion bottle some time ago and I always bring it to USS to get slush! Super fun to drink from this bottle. And this magic potion juice bar can transform your life muahahhaha. *Guaranteed results*

Police offer with the police car. 

We have never taken any photos with Bumblebee before but this photo would do the job. Optimus Prime in robot form and Bumble bee in the car form. And nope, no photo filter is added but the colour tone of Optimus Prime looks damn nice! 

I have never expected that I can get so close to so many minions! I can't believe I used to find it quite irritating, until I started watching the movie, I instantly fell in love with minions! So glad that USS brought in the Despicable Me characters! 

Hope that you will enjoy your stay at USS with those lovable minions and other Despicable Me characters!