Friday, 17 January 2014

Orchid Live Seafood (Lobster Porridge)

Orchid Live Seafood still remains as one of the usual restaurants I would request my parents to bring me to when I have seafood/ porridge craving! The ambience is unlike the usual atas restaurants, but the delicious taste of every single dish on the table was the main reason why we were there. I really didn't mind about the atmosphere I was in! Anyway, there's aircon and indoor seating so there's really nothing to complain of (: 

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We ordered a 4 pax meal - $168 nett

Chef's Speciality Live Lobster Porridge 金牌龙虾粥

The main reason why we specially came here for! The lobsters are so fresh and succulent!!! I was pretty excited to start digging in. Anyway, the lobsters were initially cooked together with the porridge but we took it out for easier consumption. The porridge is unlike the gooey type that I usually have. It's more like soup + rice separately (If you get what I mean). Because the whole pot is cooked together, the porridge had a hint of sweetness that came from the lobster and it definitely left me an impression when I've tried it some time ago. 

Mixed Vegetable 清炒什菜

Even though it's a normal and simple plate of vegetables, I still loved it because of the oil cooked with it! I hate vegetables that are so dry, makes it hard to bite and swallow. 

Live Batim Fish 清蒸八丁鱼

The fish is super super super smooth and soft! I could just slurp the meat down hahaha. Of course I will have to be careful of the bones first :/ But my dad loved eating the fish. The sauce complemented the fish really well too! 

棗 (Not sure what's the English name)

It was supposed to be Chilli Mussel included in the course, but my dad requested to change to this dish. I don't really fancy it but my dad loved it. Different preferences (:

Steven Chicken 招牌鸡排骨

Waaahh this dish is simply superb! My second favourite dish and it is also one of the signature dishes! The chicken was crispy on the outside but take a bite and you will sink into the piping hot and tender meat. The taste was really flavoured too! I would highly recommend you to order this, especially for the meat and chicken lovers. 

This is so far one of my favourite places to have seafood and other delicacies! I can't wait to be back again for more!!! 

No.1 Bah Soon Pah Road
Yishun, Singapore 769959
Contact: 67560311/ 64842495

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