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DIY your own pancakes @ Slappy Cakes

I have been blogging quite a number of food reviews in the past, but I came across a really interesting restaurant that I would like to share!! 
DIY PANCAKES@ Slappy Cakes (Because eating pancakes by itself is just too mainstream)
Oh, they are just my absolute love! Fluffy delicious pancakes is always one of my top all-time favourites! The same goes for Waffles too! 
But I have never imagined myself "drawing" with pancake mix! Drawing on paper, canvas, walls and even cakes, yup I've tried all those before. But doing pancake art? That's something new for me! And I was so looking forward to it! 

At Slappy Cakes, you can order from 5 different pancakes batter flavours - Buttermilk, whole grain, peanut butter, chocolate, zucchini for $8 each! It would be perfect for groups of 4 or more as you get to try out different flavours. 
We ordered Buttermilk (The essential one for pancake), Chocolate (for the colours), and Peanut butter. 

And there are so many toppings to choose f…

Kith Cafe @ Park Mall

Woah. I have been gone away for a short break.. Because sadly I AM BACK IN SCHOOL AGAIN!  This time I have decided to take double concentrations - International Biz & Finance. I hope that I still can maintain my grades hahaha. Quite envious that my fellow friends will have so much more free time than me! And I will have to mug and mug.. But I guess all the results will be worthwhile at the end of the day. 
Despite having such busy schedules, I will be finding bits of time here and there to continue blogging in this little space of mine (: So thanks to those who have still been clicking into my blog! 
Anyway, just before my school semester started, I went out with my school clique to chill at some place called Kith Cafe located at Park Mall (Opposite Plaza Singapura). I wouldn't really write a food review about this restaurant since I've only tasted truffle fries and my cup of coffee. 
I'll let the pictures do the talking!


The cakes look really delicious…