Wednesday, 26 March 2014

8 Reasons Why Girls Love Shopping

My parents sometimes comment that I'm a shopaholic, well, I have to admit that I love shopping (Who doesn't?) But I tend to control myself and not shop excessively. But I still cannot deny the fact that shopping is such a fulfilling and exciting activity!!

And that is probably why I had this really random thought of writing a blog post on why girls love shopping. 

Disclaimer: These are just my own opinions and observations, it does not represent everyone. 


I think the most basic and main reason why we shop is to look pretty/ handsome! Be it impressing your boyfriend, girlfriend, friends, colleagues, bosses, or anyone, just admit that most would want to dress up to look good in front of others. 

It's not just about flaunting your body or face with your shopping loots, but sometimes it is all about dressing decently to look neat and proper for a specific function like a business meeting. Our thoughts and behaviours are molded by society's expectations. And that is why we do care about what others think or say to a certain extent

Those who claim that they are entirely not affected by other's judgment or feel that dressing up is sort of an attention-seeking behaviour, why not try turning up to school or work in your PJs?

And that's probably why girls love shopping, we want to look different and unique for every single occasion. 

We dress to impress. We dress to prevent bad judgment from others. 

I'm not asking you to be superficial and place too much emphasis on dressing or to dress too provocatively, but we do care about our looks to a certain extent. Accept it.
Even if you don't judge, you can't prevent others from doing the same. 


Some say it makes them feel excited and provides a boost of adrenaline, others say that it is as relaxing as going to a luxurious spa. 
It all boils down to one simple reason - It makes us happy.  

For me, shopping gives me excitement especially when I look at shelves and racks of beautiful clothes and items that I really want. I would say that shopping can be an addiction. Sometimes the temptation is too strong to resist as it also provides a boost of confidence and happiness when you know that you are going to have new and pretty clothes to wear for the next outing. 

I actually look forward to most of my shopping sprees knowing that I might have a chance of bringing super good buys home!

Who doesn't enjoy that thrill?


Heard of music therapy, art therapy and the list goes on and on... But I think retail therapy works really effectively for most girls, well, at least for me. 

I think window shopping would easily do the job too. And I am actually thankful that it works on me or else I will burn a pocket in my hole and then the stress comes back all over again. And BAMMM! It becomes a vicious cycle. T_T

I actually found that I would subconsciously click into blogshop websites and view photos of clothes, bags, accessories WHENEVER I am in the midst of exam preparations!!! Super bad habit (tsk tsk) but it is a form of relief for me. Most of the time, after browsing through the web, I would tell myself, "Okay.. Enough of looking.. I have to save money.." Hahahaha. 

But don't ever go crazy and swipe your cards endlessly. Like I've said earlier, you're just gonna fall into a deeper hole after that. 


YES, shopping IS like a game! Actually in fact, I feel that the "game" comes after the shopping part. Why do I say that? 

I think the fun part about shopping is to explore the endless possibilities of fashion combination. Every time girls take something off the rack, they will probably go...

"This is gonna match my leather shorts!"

"OMG, this is perfect with my maroon skater skirt!!"

"Will this necklace go well with my other outfits?"

"This bag is super versatile! It will go with this this this this AND THIS!"

#truestory *Smacks face* I think my boyfriend is aggressively nodding his head as he is reading this paragraph. But I really enjoy the process of mix-and-match. Although mix-and-match is supposed to prevent us from buying MORE clothes, apparently it's the other way round for me. The excitement of creating a different look with a particular apparel makes me want to shop more.

I think this brings us to the next point..


Sounds familiar?? HAHA

We are never satisfied with the huge stack or piles of clothes we have in our wardrobe. 
And it's never EVER enough! 

Common scenario: I walk to my wardrobe and start flipping through and digging beneath every piece to look for something to wear. I start trying on 1, 2, 3 or more outfits, look into the mirror and feel that it's not good enough. I give up and decided that I just need more clothes!

I bet some of you probably do the same. 

I know it's a really really really bad habit to dump your clothes aside after wearing once or twice. What I do is to sell away some of them before getting new ones. At least, I don't make such a big loss! And I will also get extra funds to shop heh! But yup, I do get bored of my clothes pretty quickly, I suggest to get more basics to mix and match instead. 

And I realized that I seldom get bored of basic tops! 


When we go shopping, most of us wouldn't want to shop alone. Of course you can, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that (: But personally, I don't prefer that. 

What I mean is that, when you hang out with friends (Particularly, for the girls), let me ask you, on a typical day out with your girlfriends, where would you head out to?

Food? Movie? Shopping?

Yup that's basically it. Remember I said "typical", of course there are actually many other healthy activities to do with your friends. But how easy is it to find a similar distinct interest with a group of other people? The answer is unlikely. Girls meet to shop. Simple as that. 

I think one reason why girls like to shop together is also because of the sharing of ideas and giving of suggestions to your friends. Personally, I like to suggest to my friends some outfit ideas and vice versa, when I am having a dilemma between 2 tops, it would be really nice to have someone with me to give me some honest opinion. (Partly due to my indecisiveness..) 

But yes, I do enjoy shopping with my girlfriends! 


When I say shopping is a form of socialization, it goes the same for communication topics with your girlfriends too. Spending hours looking at fashion magazines together with your girlfriends is probably one of the many side effects you get from shopping too much. 

Ever since I got my hands on Pandora, a whole load of conversation between my friends and I are all about Pandora. Just plain talking about it is not enough. We even took the catalogue and browse through it together, commenting on the different styles and designs that we want to buy. Hahaha. 

Sharing fashion tips and ideas is also another way of interacting with your friends and it all revolves around SHOPPING. 

Guys who want to know what do girls talk about during "girls talk"?

Well, you have the answer. Not a full one though. 


I'm not one who follow fashion trends aggressively nor do I shop for branded goods excessively. But I feel that this could be one reason why girls always shop.  

There is always something new in the fashion market. A new design, new style, new edition, limited edition, etc etc. Basically, there's never-ending stuff to shop! Nowadays, the Internet has made it much more easier to follow the latest trends on fashion blogs, forums, and more. 

Beauty and fashion tips are so accessible on the internet that it has made the temptation to shop so much greater. 

While browsing through some fashion blogs, you might notice an attractive piece of apparel that looks super fantabulous on the pretty model. And it's likely you'll go, "WOW, I wish I own that outfit too.." 

No matter how big or small the extent is, the Internet has more or less a certain influence on our shopping behaviour. And peers actually play a huge part too. 

I think I am guilty of that too. 
But I guess there is no harm if you learn to control (:

So that sums up the reasons to why girls love shopping! These are just my humble opinions and thoughts. Feel free to leave a comment or share my post if you enjoy reading it (: 

Once again,
Continue shopping girls! (And guys too, if you're reading this)

Monday, 24 March 2014

influr Event with Laneige Sg BB Cushion @ Marriott Hotel

Such a beautiful night view at Marriott Hotel Pool Terrace Pavilion... (No filters added!)

Thanks to Alvin, influr, Marriott Hotel and Laneige, I was invited to the influr preview last week. Got to know more about how to empower my social influence with influr and also get my hands on Laneige's latest product - Laneige BB Cushion! 

I'll just tell you more about it in just a bit! (:

For now, lets enjoy the beautiful photos of the poolside view. Would love to enjoy a relaxing night swim at this cosy place some day.. 

Just beside the pool is Marriott Hotel's trendy al fresco restaurant which is consistently listed as one of the top restaurants in Singapore! The romantic and beautiful poolside view adds a great ambience to your dining experience ^^

Some of their signature a la carte dishes include the Chilli Crab omelette, Banana pancakes with coconut cream and gula melaka. (Sounds so delicious.. especially Banana pancakes!!!!)

The speaker telling us more about influr and how it works. 

For anyone who owns a blog or aspires to be an influential blogger, you might be interested in this! 

Most bloggers write out of passion and creativity, but most of the time, or at least personally for me, I get constantly motivated when my writing gets acknowledged by readers. Be it gaining increased views or getting comments, these act as strong motivation and encouragement for me to share more on my blog. 

(After all, if I didn't want to share and get acknowledged, this blog might as well be kept private..)

Getting sponsors, or invited to events are some perks that bloggers enjoy throughout their blogging journey. influr is a platform that also provides more than just acknowledgement or applauds from our readers/ fans. Basically, WE GET ACTUAL REWARDS. 

"Not everyone has influence. You should be rewarded for yours."

Your individual influence will be measured by influr which will then allow you to gain access to Treats (influr's signature rewards program) from your favourite brands! 

There are 4 different stages of being an influencer:

☑ Elite Influencers

☑ Respected Influencers

☑ Popular Influencers

☑ Basic Influencers


If you are truly influential, you get opportunities to become a Brand Advocate through selected assignments as well! 

Every individual gets an opportunity to prove your influence and get rewards from it. Not only me, but you as well! 

GO TRY IT OUT :D Who knows you might discover your potential of being a great influencer! 

Anyway.. Back to the Laneige product that was given as a goodie for all bloggers that day (:
SO EXCITED to know that we will be given their NEW BB CUSHION SPF50+ PA+++!! Just nice my BB cream is running out, so great! I can use this now!

1 piece sold every 10 seconds!! 

Laneige means "snow" in French! Even the meaning of the name already attracted my attention as I love snow. So pure and white. 

About their brand:
Laneige encapsulates the powerful hydration benefits of the brand, with intensive research by Laneige scientists to distill patented Water Science technology that is incorporated into all Laneige products. Laneige scientifically studies ‘water’, the source of life and the most important element of healthy skin, for optimal hydration and moisturization. Laneige is one of the fastest growing premium cosmetic brands which completes the beauty of women by pursuing the artistic sensibility of Water Science to help women achieve the radiant, dewy skin they have always longed for.
Laneige Homme is the range of sophisticated cosmetics for urban men with fast-acting moisture energy that benefits damaged skin care and skin protection.

The Laneige BB cushion also contains 6-in-1 benefits!

1) Brightening effect

2) UV protection SPF50+

3) Moisturizing effect

4) Natural and clean coverage

5) Soothing effect

6) Water-resistant

The BB cushion is kept within a double-layered container with 4°C mineral water. This actually allows the temperature of our skin to reduce by that amount and to keep the cushion cool and fresh. When I apply it to my face, I actually enjoy the cooling sensation. Especially when SG weather is so hot, it feels quite shiok to dab the cushion on your face to have the cooling effect! 

Picture zoomed in to show you the clear fine pores. This revolutionary cushion is actually made with 800,000 pores!!! With THAT amount of pores, the BB cream will spill out really finely so that it will have a lesser chance of clotting on your face or having the cakey feeling which I really dislike. Sometimes I refrain from putting foundation or BB cream because of the clotting issue. 

The air-cell puff is made to absorb moisture and transfer it to our skin surface to maximise the cooling and soothing effect. The thinly tailored cushion puff also allow us to apply the BB cream to our face smoothly. I personally find that the application is quite easy and effortless! Blending was quite smooth without tugging on my skin. 

My thoughts:

The BB cushion is generally really easy to apply and blend with the puff. I specially enjoyed the cooling sensation that came along with it. The coverage also did a pretty decent job on some of my flaws and redness, and it gives a dewy and natural finish too. When I told my mom that I have applied foundation, she couldn't really tell as the texture wasn't too "cakey" like some usual BB cream. It felt quite light on my skin too. 

I liked that the BB cushion came with UV protection as I'm actually quite lazy to apply so many stuff on my face at once. (HAHA oops) The best thing of this product is that it's water-resistant! I tried applying it for the entire day and to my pleasant surprise, my T-zone was not oily!! Usually, most BB cream or foundation cause my skin to secrete more oil and it's so irritating! Thankfully, I found one that solves that problem. 

The BB cushion provides that extra radiant glow on my face and I love how it's so natural yet able to cover most of my blemishes. I'm really glad to own one myself!  

Once again, thank you Alvin, influr, Marriott Hotel and Laneige for having me at this event!

& a photo with the other bloggers!

Monday, 17 March 2014

Charlie Brown Cafe Singapore (313@Somerset)

Character cafes are always my favourite, especially the Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe at Taiwan!!! 

Have you noticed the Charlie Brown Cafe just behind 313@Somerset? It is actually a Snoopy & friends themed outdoor cafe restaurant. Since there was a 15% off for fan club members, my family decided to head there to try out the food and also take some photos! 

There is a takeaway counter just outside the cafe for people who want to grab a quick bite. I personally don't like to eat crepes or pancakes while walking around though haha.

Check out the cute Snoopy characters around the place! The entire place was filled with Snoopy decors. From the glass doors...

To the walls..

To greeting Snoopy characters statues waving out to you..

Even the ceilings, 

and the tables are not spared! However, we felt that the whole Snoopy theme would be better portrayed if utensils have Snoopy designs as well. 
Anyway.. Here's what we have ordered for that day. To be honest, the food was not really up to our expectations.. Here's my verdict. 

Iced Charlie Caffe Americano (Large $6.70)

Very disappointing.. After all, this is a Cafe. How can a cup of coffee taste this bad? From the look, one can easily tell that the coffee is so diluted to begin with and it's almost tasteless. All you can taste is milk + sugar syrup. It's probably worse than some basic FOC coffee you get when purchasing some breakfast/ lunch sets. Paying $6+ for this is clearly unacceptable. We asked for a refund but the staff requested us to give them a chance and to serve us a second cup. 

Notice the colour change? My dad claimed that there were more coffee taste this time, but the standard of the coffee bean was still average. 

Golden Fish Salad ($5.90)
Fresh tomatoes, fresh greens, topped with golden fish fillet

This salad dish is quite average, and not really worth the price.. 

Charlie's All-Time Favourite ($12.80)
Juicy chicken chipolatas, turkey ham and 2 sunny side ups, served with crepe, pancake or toasted foccacia. 

The crepe was decent, nothing too fantastic and it had a similar taste to pancakes. But just take a look at the really dried sausages. Juicy chicken chipolatas? Obviously not true :/ 

Schroeder's Peach ($9.80)
Hot pancakes drizzled with peach puree served with whipped cream 

Finally, I tasted something that was quite delicious. The pancakes were hot and fluffy. I hate pancakes that are too dense. This was not bad in my opinion, especially after having such bad impression on the food that were previously served. There's a cute character drawn on the pancakes with stencil as well. But to be honest, I feel that more could be done in the decorations. 

After all, $9.80 for 2 pancakes is not really worth the price. I expect to enjoy more from the food art if the quality cannot be up to standard. 

We also ordered an Aglio Olio ($9.80). Forgot to snap a pic but the pasta was at least acceptable to all of us. 

There were some Snoopy and friends collectibles for purchase if you are a Snoopy fan! 

Here's the Charlie Brown Cafe menu:

This could actually be a very fabulous place for Snoopy fans, especially children to enjoy their food around cute Snoopy characters. It's a shame and pity that the food was not up to expectations, and considering the fact that the price was not specially cheap, my whole family felt that it was not worth the money at all. 

Drinks and coffee are really essential in a cafe. If the coffee barista cannot at least do a decent job, then the cafe can forget about gaining returning customers. The price of about $10 for 2 pieces of pancakes is also clearly too expensive. The price of Strictly Pancakes is just from $10 onwards and the set includes 3 pancakes with ice-cream and many other toppings. Not to even mention that the taste is fantastic and I can never have enough of it.

While I have to admit that the interior design of this cafe is lovely and cute, I place much emphasis on the drinks when I visit a cafe and needless to say, I will probably not visit this cafe anymore till I come across any great improvements mentioned in other reviews. 

For those who still want to give it a try:

313 Orchard Road #01-25/25A 
(313@Somerset Mall) 
Singapore 238895 

Tel: +65 6836 5344