Monday, 17 March 2014

Charlie Brown Cafe Singapore (313@Somerset)

Character cafes are always my favourite, especially the Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe at Taiwan!!! 

Have you noticed the Charlie Brown Cafe just behind 313@Somerset? It is actually a Snoopy & friends themed outdoor cafe restaurant. Since there was a 15% off for fan club members, my family decided to head there to try out the food and also take some photos! 

There is a takeaway counter just outside the cafe for people who want to grab a quick bite. I personally don't like to eat crepes or pancakes while walking around though haha.

Check out the cute Snoopy characters around the place! The entire place was filled with Snoopy decors. From the glass doors...

To the walls..

To greeting Snoopy characters statues waving out to you..

Even the ceilings, 

and the tables are not spared! However, we felt that the whole Snoopy theme would be better portrayed if utensils have Snoopy designs as well. 
Anyway.. Here's what we have ordered for that day. To be honest, the food was not really up to our expectations.. Here's my verdict. 

Iced Charlie Caffe Americano (Large $6.70)

Very disappointing.. After all, this is a Cafe. How can a cup of coffee taste this bad? From the look, one can easily tell that the coffee is so diluted to begin with and it's almost tasteless. All you can taste is milk + sugar syrup. It's probably worse than some basic FOC coffee you get when purchasing some breakfast/ lunch sets. Paying $6+ for this is clearly unacceptable. We asked for a refund but the staff requested us to give them a chance and to serve us a second cup. 

Notice the colour change? My dad claimed that there were more coffee taste this time, but the standard of the coffee bean was still average. 

Golden Fish Salad ($5.90)
Fresh tomatoes, fresh greens, topped with golden fish fillet

This salad dish is quite average, and not really worth the price.. 

Charlie's All-Time Favourite ($12.80)
Juicy chicken chipolatas, turkey ham and 2 sunny side ups, served with crepe, pancake or toasted foccacia. 

The crepe was decent, nothing too fantastic and it had a similar taste to pancakes. But just take a look at the really dried sausages. Juicy chicken chipolatas? Obviously not true :/ 

Schroeder's Peach ($9.80)
Hot pancakes drizzled with peach puree served with whipped cream 

Finally, I tasted something that was quite delicious. The pancakes were hot and fluffy. I hate pancakes that are too dense. This was not bad in my opinion, especially after having such bad impression on the food that were previously served. There's a cute character drawn on the pancakes with stencil as well. But to be honest, I feel that more could be done in the decorations. 

After all, $9.80 for 2 pancakes is not really worth the price. I expect to enjoy more from the food art if the quality cannot be up to standard. 

We also ordered an Aglio Olio ($9.80). Forgot to snap a pic but the pasta was at least acceptable to all of us. 

There were some Snoopy and friends collectibles for purchase if you are a Snoopy fan! 

Here's the Charlie Brown Cafe menu:

This could actually be a very fabulous place for Snoopy fans, especially children to enjoy their food around cute Snoopy characters. It's a shame and pity that the food was not up to expectations, and considering the fact that the price was not specially cheap, my whole family felt that it was not worth the money at all. 

Drinks and coffee are really essential in a cafe. If the coffee barista cannot at least do a decent job, then the cafe can forget about gaining returning customers. The price of about $10 for 2 pieces of pancakes is also clearly too expensive. The price of Strictly Pancakes is just from $10 onwards and the set includes 3 pancakes with ice-cream and many other toppings. Not to even mention that the taste is fantastic and I can never have enough of it.

While I have to admit that the interior design of this cafe is lovely and cute, I place much emphasis on the drinks when I visit a cafe and needless to say, I will probably not visit this cafe anymore till I come across any great improvements mentioned in other reviews. 

For those who still want to give it a try:

313 Orchard Road #01-25/25A 
(313@Somerset Mall) 
Singapore 238895 

Tel: +65 6836 5344


  1. Great review, thanks for sharing. Makes me want to visit the place too. There is this map called CafeSG that lets you find all the local cafes in Singapore! Super useful for cafe hopping and to discover new cafes near home and workplace.

    Hope to see more reviews from you

    1. Hello:)

      No problem! Thanks for dropping by :)) will check it out soon!

  2. Hello,thank you for the review! I must agree that the food quality is really not up to standard. =( I visited the cafes because I'm a Snoopy fan & was disappointed with the feedback on the bad quality of the food.

    1. Yup they should have improved on the food quality :/ not planning to go back even though there's attractive promotions sometimes..