Saturday, 5 April 2014

Ootoya Japanese Restaurant

This is the SECOND time I'm dining at Ootoya Japanese Restaurant! I actually requested my parents to have dinner at this place when I know that we will be going to Changi City Point! It left me a deep impression from the last time we visited this place and the cravings just came back! 

Especially their dessert. JUST. AMAZINGLY. DELICIOUS. 

This photo was taken when the restaurant was closing, that explains why it's so empty. Just love the painting background with beautiful sakura flowers representing the Japanese culture. 

 Gyu Sio Kouji Teishoku
Grilled Beef with Shio Koji Sauce Set
$24 (Set)
$19 (Ala-carte)

It might seem a little pricey for $24 as the portion of beef is quite little (in my opinion), but you just have to go for the quality sometimes! Tender, smooth, juicy are some words I would use to describe this plate of beef. But best of all, the radish sauce used for dipping the beef is so special, a mix of sweet and salty taste that complements the grilled beef so well. 

One bite of the beef with another spoonful of fragrant Japanese rice is just mmmmmhhh... YUMMY!!!

The rice and miso soup is free flow, so that could actually compensate for the small portion of beef! My parents love drinking the soup so much and one of their praises was the super hot temperature of the soup, in which they are very particular about. 

Here comes the exciting part of my dinner!!!

JAPANESE DESSERTS! There's 1 for 1 promotion btw.. How to miss this!!!

I used to hate green tea flavours (Although I'm fine with the drink) and I think after trying the Haagen Dazs Ice-cream, I fell in love with it. So each time I spot any Matcha flavoured desserts or ice blended drinks, I get excited as well. It's kinda one of my favourite flavours as of now. 

Soymilk Bianmange and Matcha Green Tea Parfait

To be honest, the green tea ice-cream is not as flavourful as some other brands like Azabu Sabo Hokkaido Ice-cream or Haagen Dazs. But it's really not bad if you are not being too particular in comparing with others. I used to hate red beans but this was really sweet and I actually finished every single bit of it! 

The soymilk pudding (I assume), is really delicious and I like how everything is mixed into one cup and I won't get bored of eating the same thing. I should just go for parfaits in the future if I see them on the menu! Overall, it tastes great and I recommend you to try it!

But anyway.. the banana was just weird to mix in together with this cup of dessert.

Kokuto Pafe 
Egg Castella Cake Parfait with Brown Sugar and Whipped Cream

I did not try this but my dad couldn't stop saying how nice this dessert was hahah. 

Maccha Mousse
Kyoto Uji Matcha Green Tea Mousse and Milk Ice Cream with Red Bean

I ordered this because I hardly see any MATCHA MOUSSE CAKE at any other places! It just melts in your mouth with bursting flavours of matcha. Ice-cream was not bad but again, the red bean is really sweet, I love it. If you're a fan of green tea AND mousse, you definitely have to order this to try it yourself! 

When I'm back at Ootoya again, I'll want to try the chicken!! Looks super good too!!

Ootoya Orchard Central
#08-012 (Verandah)
Tel: 6884 8901

Ootoya Clementi Mall
Tel : 6659 2644

Ootoya Changi City Point (I visited this outlet)
Te: 6636 1228