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Shabu Sai @ Orchard Central

Shabu Sai is a Japanese Hot Pot restaurant that serves Shabu Shabu and Sukiyaki at affordable prices! 
With just $16.99+ for lunch, I get to enjoy a variety of pork, beef, chicken, vegetables, and other Japanese food such as Sushi! I really enjoy duo pots for steamboat, and at Shabu Sai, you get to enjoy 2 kinds of soup base at the same time! This gives me a chance to try more flavours. And if you and your friends have entirely different likings, you don't have to fight over a pot of soup, just order what you like for yourself! 
I went there with Serene last week!

Do note that there is a time limit for dining at their restaurant. And to our horror, the time limit for lunch is only 70 minutes!!! I think we would barely be half full if we just eat for 70 minutes! Serene and I almost wanted to leave and choose another place for lunch but we decided to give it a try and ask the staff. 
Turns out that they will only ask you to leave after the time limit when the restaurant is full.


My Princess Pink Room after Renovation

My house is finally fully furnished and renovated! And I'm really excited to do a room tour blog post today! Anyway, my room used to be in pink and white theme too, and I was struggling between two colours during the renovation planning - Mint green and pink.  I ended up with the final decision of pink as it is my all-time favourite colour and it seems to suit me best! I guess I'd rather stick with a safer colour than regret my choice in the future.
For this renovation, my parents chose Unimax for the interior design of the house.
Unimax Creative 288 Balestier Road #02-02, Singapore 329731  Tel: 6226 0110
I think I am really excited because my room feels so princess-like and sweet with all the pastel pink tones. Every corner of my room is either in pink or white and I am absolutely in love with it!
1. Wardrobe 
My wardrobe used to be in default brown wood and we requested to redo the entire one into a white wardrobe. The gaps are intentionally made to pr…

Marché Restaurant - 313@Somerset

I haven't been doing food reviews for quite awhile, so here you go! 
Marché Restaurant - 313@Somerset
Having heard of many friends raving about this, I am tempted to give it a try too!  Marché Restaurant is a original Swiss restaurant that has a countryside feel with the wood decor. On level 1, you are only able to see a bread counter, but to your right, there is actually a stairway down to the restaurant. 

I really love the decor of this restaurant. Away from the urban and modern feel, the place resembles a countryside marketplace with fresh and delicious food. 

When you enter the restaurant, the staff will pass each of you a Marché guest card to order your food. (Do not lose the card or else there will be a penalty charge!)
Instead of paying cash at every single counter, you can just pass them your guest card to swipe. It's so convenient! At the end of your meal, you just have to return the card to the cashier and make your payment according to the value charged in this card…