Saturday, 17 May 2014

Birthday Celebration Part II - Visit to SEA Aquarium at RWS

Wow it's already in the month of May and yet I'm not done with my birthday posts! Anyway, on the official day of my birthday, bf and I went to SEA Aquarium! We have been waiting to visit that place ever since it was built, and since I did not want a usual routine of movie-shopping-dinner date, it would probably be perfect to head there on my special day.

The place is just so beautiful that I couldn't stop snapping photos. 
I took over 200 photos that day and just picking the bests to share with you guys is a major headache #firstworldproblems

Some of the huge tanks actually look breathtaking, it's like walking into the majestic ocean world filled with pretty marine life. 

When we first enter, we have to walk in a huge tunnel where the fishes are all above us. It's really quite a pretty sight. 


This photo actually turned out to look nicer than the actual thing haha.

There was also a 'touch' pond. I got to touch a starfish! And the person asked us to try touching the middle of it (Turns out it's the butt). It's so soft and squishy OMG. And we had the chance to have a quick touch of the stingray that glided away so quickly. 

Some of the smaller aquariums had a huge magnifying glass on it so you get to view the inside clearly. Looks pretty cool and nope I didn't edit the photo with fish-eye lens haha.

Super HUGE crab that resembles the spider. In fact, I think it's called the spider crab. 

Ooooo and here comes one of my favourite part - Jellyfish!!! 
Reminds me of 'Finding Nemo' when Dory and Nemo were jumping on top of the jellyfish, Boing boing boingggg. 

 They look so beautiful, and almost unreal.  

I love the fluorescence of the aquarium which makes the jellyfish looks so colourful. I managed to snap a couple of shots when the tank changes colour so here's a GIF image for you! My favourite is the pink and blue one. 

This is one of my favourite shot of the day. Just check out the fluorescent pink strips which resembles some electric waves.

The biggest tank in SEA Aquarium if I'm not wrong. It's a joy to just stand there and admire the fishes and huge stingrays. But it's pretty hard to get a close clear shot of them..

Sometimes I wish that I have such an aquarium in my house, but it's so hard to maintain :/ Pff. 

Spiky stuff you wouldn't wanna touch! Haha. This reminds me of a scene in one of the Jackie Chan movie hahahah.

This eel has "leopard spots"! Bf couldn't stop staring at them. But honestly, it's really nice!

I love looking at sharks and there are so many over here! 

A selfie with all the cute plushies!!! And of course not forgetting camwhoring together under the bright sunlight which is perfect for photos hehe. I'm also finally wearing out my Minions tank top which I've bought at USS.


Hey handsome! Thanks for making my day so fulfilling and even though it was just a simple day out, I really enjoyed myself to the fullest! I enjoy going to different places of attraction with you so that we can take so many photos for beautiful memories. I'm so glad to have you with me during my pre and actual celebration. I know I have been neglecting you a lot due to my studies, but I will try to make more time for you in the future and have more outings like this! Love you♥♥

Ending off with a selfie of me stealing bf's shades hehe.

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