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Mapwerkz Event: Exit Plan | First-person Reality Game Rooms

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Thanks to Mapwerkz and Exit Plan, I was invited together with other bloggers to experience one of Exit Plan's newest reality game room. 

The name EXIT PLAN is quite self-explanatory. You have to plan out an exit (or actually more of an escape route) from their reality game rooms. I was really excited for this event as I like mind-boggling games and I have even downloaded and played "escape" games on my iPhone before!  

Trust me, if you enjoy solving puzzles/ riddles of any sort, or you enjoy tough challenges, you are definitely going to love this! 

GIVEAWAY at the end of the post! :D

Exit Plan is a first-person reality game rooms that originate from the popular real escape game room concept in Japan. For those who have played Escape games on your phones, this is definitely a whole new level! Being locked up in their unique game room with a special theme, you have to work together as a team to craft out an escape using the given clues in the room. 

No worries, in Exit Plan, nothing is gonna jump out and scare you. Haha. There is not much physical movements like climbing over obstacles. It's purely testing your creativity and ability to think out of the box. It's all of a mental challenge. 

Each room is limited to 50 minutes. 

Exit Plan has just created 3 new rooms and they have also mentioned that they will be constantly updating new themes when a certain number of customers have played all the 3 rooms. This is to ensure that regular customers can experience something different every time. 

The Cursed Chamber was the game room that we attempted. 

My overall experience:

Out of all the rooms, I was mostly attracted to this as horror sounds thrilling. Unfortunately, I won't be able to reveal the exact details that I have encountered inside the room. But I truly enjoyed this unique experience. Though we were actually quite clueless at the start, we were given chances to ring the bell for help (Limited to once if you are competing for hall of fame, unlimited for normal game play). As the clues unfold, we started seeing the direction of our escape! 

Just one more step and we can get our last key ):

It was overall a really fulfilling experience as I get to work my brains while having fun. It's also great for interacting with friends as you have to work as a team. It's really super challenging and fyi, the passing rate is only 15% for this room.. But the satisfaction you gain will be really high if you manage to escape, given the low success rate.   

I WILL BE BACK for the next game room!
These are the other 2 rooms - Focus Pocus and Friends of Eriden (The cute cute but difficult room).

The price is really affordable even without the student rate. (Prices stated below)

It's recommended to try Focus Pocus before Friends of Eriden. 

Compete for the HALL OF FAME if you are able to beat their score! 

Ticket prices:
Off-Peak hours: $15 
 (Monday – Friday before 5:00PM)

Peak hours: $18 
 (Monday – Friday after 5:00PM, Saturday and Sunday)

Student (Off-Peak hours only): $12 
(Primary – University levels)

Children (12 years old and below): $12
(Applicable for all days)

To avoid any disappointment, you can make online booking HERE.

279 New Bridge Road #03-01
Singapore 088752
Phone : +65 6536 4261

Passcode to enter the front door of Exit Plan: 4242

For more information, you may visit to find out more.


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• 3 lucky winners will be notified on 31st May 2014
• Only entitled to 1 ticket per winner
• Only applicable to people residing in Singapore
• Tickets will be sent by free normal postage

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After 1 week, if I am unable to contact you, another winner will be selected. 

We had some photo-taking session at the end of the event.

Meet the crew members of Exit Plan! 

Selfie with the other bloggers!

Photo Credit: Serene Koh


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