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McCafe's Workshop Sneak Preview Invite - Something is brewing at McCafe!

Good news to all coffee drinkers and latte art lovers! 
"Something is brewing at McCafe!"

I absolutely love coffee and it's actually one of the best remedies to make me stay awake throughout study sessions! Being inclined to art since young, I have always been attracted to the beautiful designs of latte art done by talented baristas. I think coffee can be appreciated not just with the nose and mouth, but our eyes as well. 

I was overwhelmed with excitement because we were also given hands-on experience on latte art! I have been wanting to try it since long ago and it's such a great opportunity to learn some basic tips from the baristas. I am really thankful to be invited!  

P.S. Read on to know more about McCafe's Coffee Complimentary Appreciation Workshop which will be launched soon during September. 

McCafe kindly served us a welcome treat of our own choice. 
My pick - Himalayan Tea Latte and Strawberry Cheesecake

I just gladly chose it as I was quite curious how it would taste like. It is actually McCafe's signature drink so why not? It turned out surprisingly good! I just instantly fell in love with the drink and I think I will find myself going to McCafe more (:

The cake was really delicious as strawberry flavours on cakes is always my top pick! I was pleased that the strawberry was not too overpowering for me. And there were real strawberry bits inside too!

In case you are wondering... McCafe uses only 100% Arabica coffee beans which are mostly sought after due to their quality and richness of flavour. 

 The excitement unfolds as the barista came to our tables to demonstrate the wonders of latte art. Free pouring technique is known to be quite tough for a beginner so we only got to watch how it was done. One of the baristas even showed us 3D latte art! 

It turned out to be a cute kitty cat! 

This is one of the standard designs they have and even though it looks so easy, it really isn't at all. Each McCafe barista actually has to go through 100 hours of training. Wow, no wonder they are so skilful in their latte art. 

This is one of Levina's signature butterfly design and it's so pretty! I think latte art really makes people so happy. 

This cat is so adorable, I think I would stare at it for 10 minutes or more before even starting to sip on my coffee.

We also had some fun time with plate art where we get to draw on our plates with the syrup. Here's my attempt of Rilakkuma which I kinda messed up a little oops. 

And guess what! It's gonna be my turn to be a one-moment barista hehe. I was really excited for my turn as this is my first attempt to do latte art. Free pouring was already done for us beforehand and we only learned the basic skills of etching. 

One of the main steps is to poke this "metal stick" into the coffee and drag in the direction you want.

Oh and your hands can't tremble too much or else that might be a chance to mess up the design. 

So from this.....


Nice a not?! Haha. I'm not a professional but I'm still proud of myself as this is my first attempt (: The process is really fun and I wish I can explore many other designs. Maybe I can try to work as a part time coffee barista next time.. Just for some experience.

Since I've got time for another try, I went to search online for latte art designs. I managed to find a simple yet attractive design, in which I immediately asked Levina if I could try this. She said yes, and so here's my creation! 

Look alike a not? :D

For this design, it was slightly different from the previous flower design as I added chocolate syrup before etching. I think it adds vibrance to the coffee and stands out a lot more compared to the other one. Oh man, I couldn't bear to drink what I just created.

This is really an eye-opening experience as I was able to try doing latte art and gain some knowledge about coffee-making. The event was really interactive and we get to take photos, chat and even try out the activities together as a small group. Even though we were strangers at the start, this event provided a really awesome bonding session for all of us and I was so excited from the start till the end. I enjoyed myself to the max and I'm really glad to be able to learn some tips from the McCafe baristas. Coffee has never been this fun before!

If you have been reading my blog or know me in person, you would have probably known that I have a strong interest in food art or art in general, so I am super thankful for the event invite!  

Thank you McCafe and once again, for having me at this wonderful event!  

Here's a few photos with some new friends I have made! 

For those who have a strong passion about latte art or coffee, you might have interest in this upcoming workshop in September.

McCafe will be providing a great opportunity for your coffee lovers to take part in their series of COMPLIMENTARY Coffee Appreciation Workshops. Participants will get a chance to gain knowledge about coffee and also have some hands-on activity. This includes:

☺ Learn the history of coffee
☺ Learn the origin of McCafe
☺ Learn to handle the coffee machine
☺Watch a latte art presentation
☺ Try first-hand Cappuccino preparation
☺ Learn about different types of coffee
☺Latte Art session
☺ Plate art session

I think that is absolutely fulfilling for a whole 3 hour session, and I can't wait to sign up for it too! McCafe really gives passionate youths a chance to get close to coffee where they get to unleash their creativity on the latte art. 

To participate in the McCafĂ© Coffee Appreciation Workshops, Youths aged 16 to 35 years old in 
the community simply have to drop an email to

Registration will take 
place from 18 August 2014 to 1 September 2014

The first two workshops will take place on
and 13 September, in conjunction with the school holidays and the next two sessions are slated 
to take place in December 2014. 


McCafe will also be introducing new menu offerings, you can now mix-and-match your coffee creation by choosing your desired flavoured syrups! 


For more information, visit


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  1. The McCafe premium coffee is pretty tasty. I enjoy drinking it but wasnt able to find it in any stores out here in the states. I found this site they offer delivery in the states so I was thankful. Recieved my mccafe in about 2-3 days. Thanks McCafe.