Thursday, 1 May 2014

My 21st Birthday Celebration Part I

I finally turned 21 and officially turned into an adult! Hehe. But a tiny part of me don't really want to grow up. Hahahaha. Seeing many friends post photos of their 21st celebration, I was tempted to have one myself too. But I dropped the idea as I prefer meeting individual groups for a meal and some quality time together :D Simple celebration with my closed friends and loved ones will do! 

Just a short update of my birthday celebration (:

Slappy Cakes with the UB girls

I think Slappy Cakes is really a good restaurant choice to chill and have fun with your friends. We spent only $10 each to draw pancakes for about 3 hours (Super worth it). Look at our beautiful pancake creations! We even used the pancake mix to cook crepes. And I highly recommend bacon, cheese and pork sausage. Savoury pancakes are probably the best when you are really hungry. It's really a very interactive lunch and I sure had a great time with the 2 of them! Such a pity that Yx and Ben weren't free to join us.

We seriously had hell lot of fun. 

Pretty polaroids taken! I love the gradient!! I went really excited over the photos hahahha. 

Check out our PANDORA hehe

Thanks guys for the Charles and Keith and sweet birthday card made by Val!! I think it's really unique to have my blog banner on the card hehe. And the messages in the form of a blog post. The bag is super versatile and I can match almost anything with it! I'm super grateful to meet you all in my UNI life or else my school life would be so mundane :D We must have another outing during the holidays! And I'm looking forward to our BBQ session. 

Swensens with "SMS" and Khad

I have been waiting forever for this day to come hahaha. It has been 3 years since we all met up together as a group. Anyway for those who didn't know, SMS was supposed to represent our initials. Can't really remember who thought of it haha. Had a catchup session with one another :D I really miss the times in Secondary school where we had so much fun in class and studies wasn't really worrying hahahah. 

How much we have changed hahahha..

After Khad left, the 3 of us planned to go for SAFRA Bowling but to our great disappointment, the entire place was flooded with school kids :/ And when we asked the counter staff what time we could come back to play, she just snapped at us saying 10pm. *Rolls eyes*

We ended up heading to SH's house for some movie time and of course not forgetting a camwhore session before we left! 

And thanks Si Yuh!! For this sweet gift and such a big PINK card for me! 8 years of friendship between us, and that is really long! (: Also my first friend in Sec school haha. Never thought a simple Hi and chat would end us up as close sisters. We both have changed but our friendship haven't! Your pink striped cup really matches my princess pink room too. Thank you!!  

Tenkaichi Wagyu Beef Buffet with the 3B babes

You girls are really my food buddies! Was really excited for this Wagyu Beef buffet and thankfully I didn't make the wrong recommendation as I noticed that you all enjoyed the dinner (Esp Serene who kept saying its damn nice even though she overcooked the beef so many times HAHA) You two are the closest to me during JC and though Hc & I kinda drifted apart, I'm still glad we can meet up to enjoy food once in awhile now! :D 

Check out the juicy fatty wagyu beef that makes you salivate wahahaha. 

And you sweeeeet girls even planned a mini surprise for me! I totally didn't expect that!! Awwww :')
Even the cake is bought from one of my favourite cake shops!!! Rive Gauche Patisserie!! Thank you girls!! 

Photo quality quite shitty cos we used iPhone and the lighting in the restaurant isn't very good :/

Thanks Serene and HuaiChyn for this 88 colours eyeshadow palette! I totally went WOAH when I opened up the gift hehe. So many colours!!! Honestly I didn't use much eyeshadow in the past, but these colours are too pretty! It's not too bright like rainbow colours and much easier to blend. I've really tried out a few colorus and it's really nice! And I really appreciate the cake surprise too! ^^ That was really sweet. Thank you girls!!

And to those that I did not meet up with, here's a dedication para for each of you :D

Thanks Crystal!!! You sent this parcel all the way from U.S and I saw how expensive is the postal fee! You've got great taste in choosing the top! My bf said it look damn good on me hehe (: It's also really versatile (Can match with any HW shorts or skater skirt) I love your popup card too with a sweet message at the back. It's awesome that we're still keeping this long distance friendship, hope you're doing well! 

Thanks Shi Hua! Even though we seldom meet up and I hardly see you in school nowadays ):, you're really sweet to pass me this gift with a handmade gift box! Really talented to DIY such a pretty cute one! We should really meet up again during the holidays to chill and chitchat. Thanks for the sweet card and the accessories. I love the pastel colours! And I'm definitely keeping the handmade box :D The cloud ring is cute!!!

To sum this up, I really enjoyed my simple celebration this year! And many many many thanks to those who made an effort for my birthday. I really appreciate each and every of them. And of course those who make it a point to wish me personally, in msg, FB, etc.


Anyway, I will being doing a separate birthday celebration post with my parents & boyf as this post is too long.