Saturday, 24 May 2014

My Princess Pink Room after Renovation

My house is finally fully furnished and renovated! And I'm really excited to do a room tour blog post today! Anyway, my room used to be in pink and white theme too, and I was struggling between two colours during the renovation planning - Mint green and pink.  I ended up with the final decision of pink as it is my all-time favourite colour and it seems to suit me best! I guess I'd rather stick with a safer colour than regret my choice in the future.

For this renovation, my parents chose Unimax for the interior design of the house.

Unimax Creative
288 Balestier Road #02-02, Singapore 329731 

I think I am really excited because my room feels so princess-like and sweet with all the pastel pink tones. Every corner of my room is either in pink or white and I am absolutely in love with it!

1. Wardrobe 

My wardrobe used to be in default brown wood and we requested to redo the entire one into a white wardrobe. The gaps are intentionally made to prevent my bags from peeling off as there is more air ventilation. The pink strip is added to enhance the wardrobe so that it would not look as plain. 

2. Pink Ceiling Fan

Thanks to my awesome mum who searched through so many places to find this pink fan for me! I really didn't want a plain white fan as it was too common. This was perfect! 

3. Study Table

My study area did not have major changes except for a small change in colours and extra cabinets are added at the bottom. They will be adding a tempered glass in white on the wall when it's fully done. I can then stick post-it notes or photos onto the glass! 

All our brown doors are painted with many layers of white to suit the whole house design. 

4. White Roller Chair

I am very particular such that I wouldn't want to accept any other chair colours except white. This is a perfect match to my study desk! I'm just a little worried that it will get dirty easily. 

5. Bed

Even my bed is not spared of the white and pink theme! My bedsheet is white, my pillows and blanket are pink, and the bed cover is white too! And it has a fluffy-like texture that is so soft and pretty. 

With all my favourite plushies on the sofa couch! 

For the curtains, they are from

I wish to share this because I'm really impressed with their service! In particular, they are really patient. Even though I have requested to follow the curtain design similar to our temporary house (where we stayed in during the renovation) and asked her that it is perfectly fine not to show me the sample since I thought it was pretty inconvenient, she still insisted in showing me a few more designs and even gave me suggestions! 

I'm really loving the curtain I have in my room currently. And btw, the curtains looked quite translucent because I did not opt for "black-out". 

As you can tell, I'm a very lazy person. That's why I need double switch for bedroom lights so that I don't have to leave the bed to switch the lights on/off. SUPER CONVENIENT!

6. Display Cabinet

I got this set of Sylvanian Families when I was younger but couldn't bear to throw it away! I love all the exquisite details of the house. There's even a tiny toothbrush, and even pipes inside the cabinet of the basin!! So detailed and cute! I don't mind getting more if there's space in my display cabinet hehe.

And of course not forgetting my Precious Moments figurines! 

7. Dressing Table

Even though the mirrors in my room seems a little excessive and redundant, I love mirrors (Omg I'm really vain). But it actually has a brightening effect on the room as well! It makes the room looks bigger than it is.

And behind this huge mirror is actually a hidden cabinet for me to place all my facial and make up products. 

8. Dressing Table Stool

This is one of my favourite item in my room! In fact, I was really glad because I had difficulty finding the perfect stool for my dressing area. I wanted something white, simple and not expensive. So glad that my mum spotted this stool that resembles diamond.

Since it's transparent and not white, it looks more unique and will stand out from the rest of the white furniture. I think that the only problem is creaking noise when you sit on it. Very noisy!

Anyway, I guess that's all for my room! 

And our designer Eva Foo, was really patient with my parents' requests and we were impressed at how passionate she was at her job. Even though there were some changes here and there, she followed up really well and is definitely a responsible individual! 

I'm really really really satisfied with the results and I also want to thank my parents for spending a bomb on the renovation just to make us stay comfortably and happily in the house ☺


  1. wow! it's really cute and nice :) i love your pink fan the most! cute >.<