Sunday, 15 June 2014

[AD] Glisten Jewel

Sponsored Advertorial:

Today I'll be featuring some really affordable and trendy accessories from Glisten Jewel!

Although this is a sponsored ad, I have previously purchased two accessories myself. Glisten Jewel is known for its true affordability and "everyone deserves to be a princess" without splurging more than what is needed! 

I was kindly sponsored 2 accessories of my own choice! Given its wide range of designs, I took some time to decide what type of style I want to go for and here's my top 2 pick! 


Black Triangle Statement Necklace

Black with gold will never ever go wrong. Black itself is already my favourite colour when it comes to accessories and outfits, but with gold, it just spices up the whole outfit and adds glam to it. 

You can wear it with a leather jacket to rock the edgy style, or go for something more elegant by pairing it with a black maxi dress. 
Basically, such a versatile statement piece will always go perfect with almost anything. Of course, you can play around with different colours.

Though I already have a few necklaces similar to this, I am still really attracted to the simplicity of the design.

Classy Rope Bracelet (Available in white too)

 When I was browsing through the collections, this instantly caught my eye and I told myself that I'm totally keeping this piece! It is a perfect addition to my black triangle statement necklace. I really love its simplicity. It's not hard to pull off the stylish look with the combination of these two colours.

While the colours are simple, wearing this one only bracelet would not be boring as the golden chains adds dimension to your wrist like arm candies. Perhaps you can pair it with a simple watch and you're good to go!

Ranging from necklaces, rings, shades, bracelets, earrings, to hair accessories, items from Glisten Jewel cost from $3.90 to $16 of which many nice ones are just priced at $5-7 
It's really affordable compared to many other retail stores! 

Glisten Jewel also launches every other Sunday and their new collection this week features the Hollywood Glam

If you're just too lazy to browse through the entire collection, just head over to "WHAT'S YOUR STYLE", you can choose your favourite style - currently they have tribal, lace and kawaii. The page actually recommends the accessories according to the style that you have chosen! This makes shopping a lot more convenient when you are indecisive (Just like me!)

Visit to shop now! 

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