Friday, 13 June 2014

[AD] Uber Mathematics


Maths is never so easy and even though it has been one of my stronger subjects in Secondary school, I do feel a little frustrated solving Math problems at times. At University level, tuitions are not really necessary but at Primary-Secondary-JC level, it is really important that you build your foundation well. Or else you might just find yourself struggling beneath those piles and piles of Maths papers! 

I am going to introduce you a tuition centre called Uber Mathematics! 

If you can see it, you can solve it.
Understanding is Key.
Practice, Practice and Practice.
Questions asking culture.
Lifelong Learning.
Reflective Learning.
Teaching beyond the syllabus and much more!

Uber Mathematics provides quality small group tuition for 1-4 students from Primary 1-6, Secondary 1-4 and JC 1-2. 

| City Square Mall ● 215 Upper Thomson Road ● Katong Shopping Centre |

Understanding the basic concept of Mathematics is essential for achieving good grades. Together with sufficient practice, having an experienced tutor to guide you along will allow you to save less effort with twice the results! 

So why Uber Mathematics?

Experienced Tutors

Mr. Teo
Experienced Graduate Full-Time Maths Tutor
Specialized in Mathematics
Students Orientated Approach

Experienced Graduate Tutor
NIE Diploma in Special Education
DISC Certified Practitioner

NT Maths Tutor
Tutoring Normal Technical (NT) Mathematics
Loves to make friends with Students

Graduate Maths Tutor
Tutoring Primary School Mathematics
Loves to Interact with Children

Affordable Fees

SGD $120 per 4 lesson (Primary One to Four)
SGD $140 per 4 lesson (Primary Five & Six)
SGD $140 per 4 lesson (Secondary One & Two)
SGD $160 per 4 lesson (Secondary Three & Four)
SGD $180 per 4 lesson (Junior College One & Two)


1. Free 4Gb Thumb drive consisting of 1Gb worth of Exam Papers
2. All Writing & Lesson Materials are provided.

3. One to one consultation in between classes

4. Whatsapp Problem Solving Groups
5. No administrative/deposit fee

Meanwhile, I found some really cute and funny Math photos just for some laughs! 

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