Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Birthday Celebration Part III - Dedication to my closest ones

My parents actually brought me to The Line for a pre-birthday celebration dinner. Not really going to blog about it because I have done so last year. Yep, I chose the same place (And I'm not bored of it). I really couldn't think of any other similar buffets that is up to the same standard as The Line. 

If there is, could you please recommend me some! 

The seafood variety and freshness is so good that I really can't find any reason not to repeat the restaurant for my birthday celebration. 

Anyway, on the actual day of my birthday, besides going to the SEA Aquarium with boyf  (which you can read from here: http://mons-diary.blogspot.sg/2014/05/birthday-celebration-part-ii-visit-to.html), I had a mini BBQ session with my family, relatives and boyf. It's roughly the same every year, either BBQ or steamboat, but since this was my 21st birthday, my parents gave me extra surprises! I totally never expected that at all :')

Here's my birthday cake that I have chosen for myself! I couldn't decide between a cute but childish cake, or this.. After all, it's the last year to enjoy childhood because I'm officially turning into an adult! But I just ended up with this design! (Since there are music notes and strawberries around it and everyone says its nicer.)

Last year in Dec, I have already picked my 21st birthday gift at Japan. Samantha Vega White handbag! I don't really own much branded bags before this so I was already super satisfied with my birthday present from my parents. 


Everyone including my family and relatives were acting a little strangely and my dad came out from the room with this lovely surprise. 

A bouquet of colourful flowers! I was so shocked because it was quite big and I really wasn't expecting any extra gifts. I thought the bag my parents and I picked was already expensive enough. The colours were vibrant and I just smiled so widely and excitedly like a small girl.  

Well, I guess the surprise didn't just end there.. My parents asked me to close my eyes and they brought out something from the room again. This time, they asked me to feel the present for myself and make a guess. 

It was pretty obvious that what was in front of me was a handbag, again. But then something suddenly struck me, and I immediately opened my eyes wide, anticipating to see what was there. It was the GUESS handbag that I wanted so badly! 

So here's the story...

My parents were shopping one day when they whatsapped me the photo of the bag, I immediately say I love it so much and it's like the perfect handbag because of the colour and the charms hanging on it. Disappointed I must say, (and really quite) because they then told me that it was scratched and that was the last piece. ): Got over it after awhile but never knew this bag would again end up in my arms.

When my dad knew about my craze for Pandora, he asked me to choose a charm and he will give it to me! So I chose M because it represents my name MONICE! 

Thank you Mom and Dad, for caring and nurturing me for 21 years of my life. Even until now when I have turned 21, both of you have never stopped or lessen your care and love towards me. Thanks for this awesome birthday celebration and all the super sweet and shocking surprises that you have planned just for me. It is indeed memorable. I love you all. 

My cute brother handmade this "voucher" for my birthday because I didn't know what to get from him. But silly him drew this voucher with NO money limit! Haha, this means that I get to claim any amount of gift within the expiry date! (Just kiddin') Haha. Thank you lil bro. I will still keep this voucher with me even after I have redeemed my gift from you okay? 

So you guys all know that I'm quite crazy about Pandora previously (maybe even now..?)
My friend first introduced Pandora to my clique (Just casually talking about it when she showed us her bracelet). I thought it was nice and really interesting about the whole customized part, but never intended to get one because of the hefty price. One charm costs at least $53!! My accessories don't even cost above $20 except for the white gold necklace that was an 18th birthday gift from my parents.

Anyway, I just casually told bf about my friend showing me her Pandora and he said he once had that idea of buying it for me. I guess I wasn't really into jewellery back then. Now that I have interest in it, he insisted to get this set for my 21st birthday. If not for him, I probably wouldn't even bear to start collecting haha.

I picked turtledoves charm because it represents couple and love. The design is really cute with the small dangling heart at the bottom.

Thanks dear for getting this expensive gift for me even when you are not earning much in NS. It's a really thoughtful gift that can be kept for long so I would really appreciate and cherish it very well. You have been pampering me from the start and treating me like a princess everyday. So now I'm spoilt by my parents and YOU. (But keep it this way :P) Thank you for all that you have done for me! ♥

Shiu Heng, thank you for this unique gift and it's really thoughtful for the effort and time put into this drawing! I really appreciate handmade or written cards, and I do keep every single one of them carefully. I am going to keep this and cherish this as well! Thank you!! I think my childhood would be more boring without you accompanying me and also bickering with me all the time hahahah. 

Thanks my Aunt and Uncle (Even though they are unlikely to read this), for the Angbao and lipsticks! Out of all make up products, something that can never go wrong are lip make up because I wouldn't mind having many of them! After all, I can switch colours every single day. I have been using this ever since I opened my gift and I'm loving the lipstick so much because they're so nice to apply on. Thank you! 

And lastly, thanks to my maid for this birthday gift - a top! I really appreciate her gifts because for her job, she really isn't earning much money and she has a family to support back at her home. It really isn't necessary for her to buy me a gift but she still did. Even on Christmas, I do receive gifts from her as well. That's a really sweet and nice gesture. 

I guess this post came really really late. But better late than never :D
It's already June, and all these seemed like just yesterday!!! 

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