Friday, 27 June 2014

Food Review: Medzs @ Orchard Central

Bf and I have been exploring different restaurants recently because we realized that we have been dining at the same few favourite restaurants most of the time. It's time to try something new! After trying out at Marché, we liked their dining concept and decided to go for something similar

Medzs - A Casual Dining Mediterranean Restaurant

There was a promotion when we visited the place (Not sure if it's still ongoing). 
20% off the bill for minimum spent of $60 
(Limited to some debit/credit card only)

I thought that was a pretty good deal so we did not mind splurging a little more than usual that day. 

Medzs Happy Hour 5pm - 8pm

Upon entering the restaurant, we were each given a Medzs electronic card to order our food. Simply pass this card to the staff at each food counter and the value will be stored inside. Payment can then be made at the end of your meal when you're exiting the place. I find this concept quite interesting and convenient as we wouldn't have to hold cash and walk around. I also prefer to walk around and order our food as I consider it a form of enjoyment (Like buffets.. Just that you have to pay as of ala-carte)

Freshly Squeezed Juices and Smoothies($7.50 and up)

I personally feel that $7.80 for a cup of freshly squeezed juice is quite costly as I can easily get a cheaper alternative. But looking at the various combinations with the word "Detoxifying" on the board, I gave in. Well, I was also especially thirsty that evening. Not very sure if the "detox" part works.. Haha.

We tried Green Triplets and Tropical Paradise. Guava, apple, lemon juice are always my top favourites and I wasn't very comfortable with trying Celery, ginger and beetroot. Now that the Smoothies choices got my attention, I am very tempted to have the Banana smoothie. 

Either the place was really spoilt for choices or I was having a very bad indecisiveness that day because I had such a hard time deciding what to have for dinner. About half the time, I didn't know what and how the food look like. I even had to google to see how it looked like before making my order. That's probably because I hardly or never even tried some of the cuisines before. 

There is a wide array of different cuisines such as Greece, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Tunisia, French to choose from. I was tempted to settle for Italian pasta but that sounds quite common so I dropped the idea. 

After ordering our food, we were given a device which would beep and vibrate when your food is ready, and you can proceed to collect at the respective food counters. I guess this is also the reason why there isn't any service charge (Only GST).  

Wild Mushroom Soup ($6.50)

It wasn't very fantastic as we found it lacking of richness. I also prefer to have some mushroom bits inside the soup for extra texture.

Potato Rosti with Sour Cream ($5.90)

There are other toppings available - Parma ham, roasted beef, salmon, chicken, cheddar cheese, etc. But we decided to stick to the sour cream one as it's the cheapest option. Compared to Marche, this was a disappointment. At Marche, the first bite and even subsequent bites wowed me. But unfortunately, I couldn't feel the same way towards this dish. It was excessively oily in and out, and I actually felt disgusted after having less than half of it.  

Doesn't look very appetizing in the photo either.. I felt like the rosti was in a pool of oil and it was a turn off. 

Chicken Paella ($15.90)

As I wanted to stay out of my comfort zone, I tried something different, of which was acceptable to me (After googling for the dish). The paella was quite palatable to me, with strong and rich flavours. The chicken was also quite tender and easy to chew on. 

Chicken & Bacon Skewer ($7.90)

I'm not a fan of Bacon, but bf is. He couldn't stop praising this dish and exclaiming that the chicken and bacon goes so well together. I personally feel that the price of $7.90 for a skewer is not very worth it. But if one is really enjoying the dish greatly, then why not?


Even though I had so much food already, there is always room for dessert! I loved the different layers of the creamy texture with some bittersweet taste in it. Only problem I had was that I kept choking on the powder. Goshhhh. 

Overall Experience at Medzs

The quality is acceptable, but not too much to rave about. I would probably visit the place again just to try out other cuisines. I wouldn't really complain about the quality as I am more interested in trying out something new. I like their dining concept, and with "no service charge" = ordering even more food at the same price! The 20% promotion with every $60 spent also gave us additional savings and we felt that the dinner was quite sumptuous given the amount that we spent. If you are interested in Mediterranean food and isn't too particular about the standard, you can give Medzs a try! 


Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road, #B2-01
Singapore 238896
Mon - Sun, 11 am - 11pm

Millenia Walk, 9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-46
Singapore 039596
Mon - Sun, 11.30am - 11pm

MEDZS Bistro & Bar
Clifford Centre, 24 Raffles Place, #01-01
Singapore 048621
Mon - Thur, 8am - 10pm
Fri, 8am - 11pm
Sat, 9am - 6pm


  1. the food looks tempting! :)