Monday, 21 July 2014

Dreams and What They Represent

You know when people say "Make your dreams come true". I doubt it is applicable to all, just like the one I had last night! (You'll know why haha) Because in today's post, I'm not sharing about the dreams like your ambition or aspiration towards something. 

I'm talking about the dreams that we have when we go to sleep at night - the imaginations or perhaps random brain impulses that send signals. I'm no scientist or researcher so I won't go deeper into that discussion.

What made me had this sudden thought of posting about dreams is because of some dream that I have last night. I am really not sure if I should categorize this into a nightmare or a somewhat thrilling dream.. Those who know me may probably have heard from me that I am very much into horror movies, particularly the zombies one. I've played L4D, and watched several zombie shows before. Not sure when have it started, but I've been continuously dreaming about Zombies occasionally.

(Had to find a cartoon one, if not I might scare people away from my blog..)

There's this Chinese saying "日有所思,夜有所梦" meaning - what you think about in the day, you will dream about that in the night. (Direct translate).

Of course I certainly do not think about zombies day and night. That is just absolutely crazy. I reckon it's due to my experience with zombies (IN THE GAME/ MOVIE duh). And with that memory, my brain creates those dreams.

And if you are curious, why the heck I wouldn't classify zombie dreams as a nightmare, I kinda enjoy the thrill at times. Most of the times, instead of running, escaping and crying for help, I am actually wielding weapon(s) inside my dream. Almost exactly like the characters in L4D. My bf always jokes with me that if there is a real zombie apocalypse, I am totally prepared for it. NO WAY ):

Anyway, I was really curious about dreams. Because I have been getting all the weirdest and most random type of dreams. That I don't even understand why do I have them in the first place. 

Do you know what your dream means? (Always nice to know the reason why something happen right?)

Here's a short list of my most common dreams (PLEASE DON'T LAUGH AT ME)  ):

  • Zombies/ Horror
  • Flying (When I was younger)
  • Thought I was going to die
  • Pregnant (I'm not sure why because I'm very terrified of the pain)
  • Exams (Especially English/ Chinese essays)
  • Running up stairs is so difficult, but running down is no kick at all
  • Driving (Most of the time before I got my license)

I couldn't really find information about Zombies, but I think it's almost the same as being chased. The points are not in order.


Most of the articles mentioned that you have a fear inside you, and you are running away from the problems. And the problem depends on who is chasing you. You can chased or attack by people, animals or paranormal creatures (In my case, I think its always zombies). The fear of being chased indicates that you have difficult problems in your personal life and you wish to get away from it.

I think I merely dreamt of zombies is because of too much movies/ games. Can't believe I'm half enjoying the dream sometimes. But it's quite tiring to have your mind working through the entire night!


I was quite shocked to see this on an article, but after searching for a few more, I realized it is really the top common dreams.

These embarrassment dreams usually represent self-image and low self-esteem issues. You could be afraid of being judged by other people in real life and it is a sign of lack of confidence. But it may also be a very straightforward situation whereby you are just not prepared by something e.g. like an important presentation or examination.

I have never dreamt of being nude before, but there are occasions in my dreams when I was inappropriately dressed up, e.g. still in my PJs. Maybe I do have some insecurities in life. Hmmm.


It means that you are in control of things or that you have gained a new perspective on life.

When I was younger, I used to dream of myself flying. I felt that it could be due to the freedom that I get from flying and it was simply a fun thing to do after watching too many imaginary or cartoon shows. How convenient to fly around instead of walking right? Haha.


I often dream of taking exams and it was a panic attack for me as I have not done a single bit of revision before sitting for the test. Or that I am taking an exam that I no longer need to e.g. Writing English or Chinese essays. Sometimes the time limit for the exam is also ridiculously short. 

Dreams like having troubles during an exam, not having sufficient revision and failing the exam could mean that you could be under-performing in real life or you are worried about any upcoming exams. I guess it's normal for me to have such a dreams as I am still studying so real life experiences are being reflected in my dreams.


Recurring dreams means any dream that repeats itself over and over again. Most of it happens during nightmares. The dream do not have to be exactly the same, but it could have a similar theme. I have experienced this before, and when I am in the dream, I felt that the scenarios are so familiar. Because I am not aware that I am dreaming, it felt like a Déjà vu (the phenomenon of having the strong sensation that an experience has been experienced in the past, whether it has actually happened or not).

The dream tends to repeat itself as the real life problem may be occurring continuously without being settled. For example, you kept getting chased because you wish to escape from something in real life. However, most of the times, my recurring dreams are just random. 


Losing someone you love can be in the means of a break up between a couple, or worse, death of your family member, spouse, friend. It is actually a very straightforward and common nightmare among many people. This nightmare can be caused by insecurities and worries about losing your loved one in the real world. I feel that this is one of the worst nightmares, because the excruciating pain you feel in your dream is simply too realistic and it is also very possible to happen in the real world. 

I do have this dream every once in a blue moon. In fact, it is quite contradictory because I told myself that I would not want to be pregnant due to the pain (for now). But on the other hand, I love to play with babies a lot. Maybe that's why I dream about it because I wouldn't have to feel the real pain haha. Actually, the feeling is quite amazing.  

Dreaming of being pregnant could mean that you want to be creative and start a new project. Like how mothers create a new life out of their bodies. I am not sure if this reason applies to me though. 


I do experience this when I am being chased in my dream. It's weird how it's so difficult to run away especially when it's up the stairs. But on some occasions, I am able to "fly" down flights of stairs. But if you're being trapped in your steps and you can't go anywhere no matter how hard you try, it could mean that you are trying to complete too many things at once. Maybe it's time to slow down a little and give yourself a little break.


I am actually surprised that this point appear in so many articles, and that is why I am including it here. Perhaps many of you have dreamt of this before too? I haven't though. And I hope not! Similar to the dream of being naked, losing your teeth causes embarrassment and it could symbolise insecurities and anxiety of being judged by others, particularly in terms of physical appearance. 


Falling in your nightmare could represent anxiety about your life. Most of the time, it means that you are unable to take control of something in real life and it includes issues about money, relationships, careers and more. It could also be due to the impending fear of something negative in which you cannot control as well. 

There are actually tons of other types of dreams but I am just going to share these 10 for now! Feel free to comment below and let me know if you have the same dreams, or you could tell me the other dreams that you have experienced before! If you like this post, please share it! (:

P.S. Have you ever tried to wake yourself up from a dream after knowing that you are in a dream?



  1. How about sleep paralysis? I don't know if you can consider it a dream.
    Yes, I do experienced those dreams before. Most especially the zombie and the falling dreams. It's impossible for me to have a dream of being a pregnant, I'm a straight guy. LOL.
    I have fun reading your articles and visit here again.

    1. I personally don't think that it's considered a dream.. More like inability to move when you're conscious. I saw that an article mentioned that it's a natural protection mechanism that prevents u from acting out of your dreams. Not sure though, I have not experienced it before. And I hope not! Thanks for sharing!:) yea I just had a falling dream last night about parachutes haha. Thanks again for your nice comments !

    2. Okay, thanks for the clarification. Sleep paralysis is scary, I saw a girl flying just above my body. You should experience it too. :)))) So that you will know the feeling. Haha. This is exactly what happened to me
      It's like you are awake but you are not.

      Have a nice day! :)

    3. Thanks.. but no thanks haha. I wouldn't want to have that scary experience!

  2. Why not? So that you will have a story to tell. :) Btw, there is one thing missing on the list, the super power dream. You know like being superman on your dream, but most especially Son Goku from dragon ball z. Haha . I'm not sure if you know Son Goku tho.

    1. Haha, I have not dreamt of superpower dream.. Unless you consider slashing zombies to be the same thing. Yea I've heard about Dragon Ball Z but I'm not familiar with the character names (: