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Food Review: To-gather Cafe @ Bedok North

The more we get together
"The more we get together, the happier we'll be" 

To-gather Cafe @ Bedok North 

Remember the tune to this song? When bf heard about this cafe near his place, we were ecstatic because there is hardly any good cafes that I heard of around the Bedok estate. We took quite some time to actually realize its existence. When we head down to this cafe, it was newly revamped so everything looks great in place! The cafe area has also expanded to fit in more customers than before. 

Just outside the cafe, you can spot the student's lunch deal! What I particularly like about To-gather Cafe is their really affordable prices. Only $7-8 for a main course and you can top up your drinks or side dish at a very low price! Do note that its only valid from 12 - 5pm on weekdays only. Without the student prices, most of their mains are below $15 as well. 

The entire cafe is made to bring smiles to all customers! You can find really cute displays and decorations at most corners of the cafe. Every detail is not missed! 

One of my favourite feature of the cafe is these beautiful and interesting quotes! They are all around the cafe and it's quite fun to go to every empty table to check it out! 

Haha I like this Danger sign - for the coffee addicts.

If you're feeling inspired by all these quotes, maybe you can even share your own favourite quote on the post-it provided! 

We wanted some fun so we decided to draw our own quotes too! Bf asked me to make a guess of the quote that he is about to write out. I paused a little while and immediately said: YOLO!! Hahaha. He was taken aback!

Nice photo taken by bf! I love my curls except that it looks quite frizzy.

TA-DA!! Our favourite quotes! I don't exactly have a top favourite quote but I totally agree with what I wrote down. "Don't dream your life, live your dreams!"

There is an array of desserts at the counter for you to choose from as well. From most reviews, their chocolate and matcha lava cake seem to be the hottest pick! 

To-gather Breezer (Green Apple) 
- $2.50 for student meal (U.P $3.80)

The breezer wasn't very up to standard as it is pretty much tasteless. 

Iced Flavoured Dark Chocolate (Butterscotch) - $4.30

I don't usually go for Chocolate drinks. But it's just hard to resist dark chocolate + butterscotch! I was quite surprised to have drinks served with DARK chocolate as I have not seen it before at other cafes or restaurants. It tasted a little like Chocolate milk and it would be better if the texture is slightly thicker. But I am fine with the drink and I can't wait to try other flavours like Hazelnut! 

Spaghetti Carbonara - $7 for student meal (U.P $7.90)

Bf said that it tasted like an average pasta and nothing like the true taste of Carbonara, but you get what you pay for. So we have no complaints! 

Grilled Pandan Chicken Chop - $8.90

Although this is a westernized dish, I like how they incorporated Asian taste into the dish. The coconut sauce was quite creamy and it reminded me of Thai curry! (Not spicy as it's just the coconut cream) It was surprisingly a great and unique combination. The pineapple salsa bits made the dish more colourful but the taste did not really match. The grilled chicken is like any other standard quality but for $8.90, I thought it was pretty worth the price! Do not have any expectations for the fries though.  

More quotes on the walls.

YES! EAT AS MUCH AS YOU WANT! Totally love that phrase! 

My Thoughts

This homely decorated cafe is great for chilling with friends and your loved ones! In fact, you won't have to burn a whole in your pocket to enjoy the not-so-bad quality food with such a great ambience and environment. When I scroll through the hashtag #togathercafe on Instagram, I noticed that many ordered the lava cake and it has great reviews! I'm definitely going back for that to try it out as well! I also recommend the Pandan Grilled Chicken Chop if you are a fan of coconut flavours! 

84 Bedok North St 4
Singapore 460084

Contact: 6445 1011

(Closed on alternate Mondays) (To view menu)

On a side note, if you have noticed, I added a page at the top called FOOD DIRECTORY, I have collated all the food posts/ reviews over the past 2 years. You can check it out! (:

Oh and maybe I should do a post on my renovated house part 2 since I have received quite good responses. Perhaps the living room? Cos that is my second favourite!! 

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