Sunday, 20 July 2014

Short Updates

I have been posting food reviews lately, and there will be 2 more coming up as I have just attended some food tasting events recently. For now, I'll just do some short personal updates of my life! 

Just yesterday, after attending the food tasting all the way at Jurong, I went to MBS for my friend's birthday party! Omg, it was such a long trip all the way from one end to the other. (Bedok - Boon Lay) Travelling early on a weekend morning is no joke. But of course, I am looking forward for the day! Until... My favourite brown wedges decided to die on me when I was outside at the wrong time. I wasn't even prepared for any shopping so it was disaster. Thankfully, I could still walk because the wedges didn't break entirely. 

Quickly rushed to Jurong Point and into Rubi Shoes to get 2 flats for myself. I never bought shoes so quickly before! I had only about 10 minutes before running to the toilet and then to the event. GOSH. Unlucky start of the day. 

--Finish complaining--

But everything went well after that, and I was really satisfied with the food! I will be blogging about it real soon! 

For now, if you are interested, do visit Hee Kee Desserts@ Jurong Point and quote "MONICE" to get 10% off! (Until 19 August 2014 only)

I went to meet up with Serene before heading to the hotel room! All the desserts were homemade by birthday girl and her friends. Everything looks so cute with all the floral decorations. Serene and I did the floral leafy photoshoot background and we are super proud of the outcome! 

And look at these really cute bear macarons!!!! (Made by Huai Chyn's friend) OMG they are really so cute that I can't bear to eat them. But I chomp off its ears first hehe. The taste is superb as well. I had sugar overload with all the dessert tasting yesterday hence I wasn't really interested in the sweet pastries. But now, looking at the photos, I'm gonna drool!! 

Looks like a picnic to me! 

Here's the pretty background that Serene & I pasted onto the wall! But we didn't made those green and pink deco. 

Met Fong Wa and Joy and it was great to reunite once again! Of course, a group photo cannot be missed!!

Happy birthday Huai Chyn once again!!! I hope you like that 3 cute bunnies I draw for you okay! :D Stay pretty and sweet!!! Last long with your bf too! Happy 21st! 

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