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Iceskating @ The Rink Jcube

This is an overdue post from 2 weeks ago! I'm still in the midst of exam preparations but I'll try to find time to update my blog more! 

I went to The Rink @ Jcube for some ice-skating fun with my brother during Hari Raya. I used to love ice-skating so much but I've never stepped on ice for quite a long time (Maybe except during my Japan trip. Hmm.. But that's snow :x) 

Few years ago, I took up a few tutorial classes for basic skating skills. Knowing how to balance on ice is a different thing. And then rollerblading is an entirely different story. After all, a smooth surface is always better than jagged roads with stupid twigs around. 

ANYWAY, the whole place was FILLED WITH PEOPLE. I didn't take a photo of the Q outside but it was so crowded I thought that we won't be able to squeeze inside the rink. We had to queue for tickets, then queue to enter and even the queue to rent our skates was a 15 min wait or so. Sometimes I wonder, 'The skating rink so squeezy, won't fall down meh?'

Purchase your tickets at the ticketing counter at the entrance!

Check out the rates below. For more info,

There are locker rentals available so you can throw everything inside and skate without worrying that people are going to steal your stuff. $2 per locker rental! And once you open it, you have to pay to lock it up again (So make sure you put everything in before closing the door). 

Check out our blue skates! They're quite easy to wear on (Buckle and tighten) instead of the troublesome shoelaces that will probably trip me over. One thing I didn't like about the skates was the level of discomfort. I am very sure that I got myself the right size because I had sufficient space from the front and back. BUT, the sides were quite tight and uncomfortable, causing me to have blisters even when I wore 2 pair of socks and one of them is the thick and long kind. (YES I AM THAT KIASU) 

Maybe it's the shape of my feet, who knows?

If you are a skating newbie and will probably fall the moment you step on ice, I suggest you rent one of this! SUPER CUTE TOO. 

Seal Skating Aid - $15/ 2 hours (For adults and kids)

Penguin Skating Aid - $10/ 2 hours (Only for children below 1.2m and below 10 years old)

SEE! SO CUTE! I also want to sit on it and be pushed around. #enjoylife

But it's quite a contradict because we noticed that the people who fall the most often are those who are relying on such aids. 

When I'm on the skating rink, I'm afraid of falling. But falling not because I cannot balance, but because of those who might fall on me anytime. Especially when they skate at a speed that they can't even control together with their arms flapping around. If you are not a professional skater and can't avoid on time, you are probably going to tumble down together with the person ): Thankfully I didn't meet any on that day. 

As much as I would like to pity the person who is falling, please don't pull me down with you thank you. Holding onto another person wouldn't help a thing. 

And there is also another group of people who will hold their friend's or partner's hands to skate because either one of them don't know how, or both of them totally can't skate properly, which is worse. I think holding hands are fine but please! For goodness sake, limit to 2 and don't line yourself up in groups of 4,5,6,etc while holding hands. You want human domino effect?

Also, don't try to act smart and go in the opposite direction when it's pretty obvious which way is it supposed to be. It will not only drive your OCD self insane (LOL!), but also very dangerous and inconvenient for people. Just imagine cars on the road heading towards each other. 

I'm aware that my photos doesn't prove anything, but trust me, I've seen people doing those things before.

And yup, I broke the rule by taking some photos inside the rink because phone are not allowed to be taken out for use. Oops! 

I enjoyed my ice-skating time even though my feet were sore from blisters. Another thing I didn't really like about the place is that the ice kept melting and I can see PUDDLES of water everywhere. I think it's because the rink is situated in the middle of the shopping mall. So it's not really that cold, maybe just air-con temperature and ice can melt in that temperature.. Can you imagine falling down?! I think your pants will be soaking wet. And it's also more slippery when the ice is melting. 

Just some general advice from my experience! 

1. Each session last only 2 hours and there will be a ice-resurfacing before and after the session. To make your money worth spent, do reach earlier than the time slot. Quite a fair bit of time is spent on queuing and changing into the skates. 

2. I noticed that many girls wore shorts and sleeveless tops. I understand that Sg is a hot place and the rink was not really too cold. My brother even said that he was sweating. BUT, the long sleeves and pants are supposed to act as an extra layer of protection for you. Same goes for the gloves. The blades of the skates are pretty sharp.. If you accidentally fall, and someone just can't stop on time. Imagine the blade going over your hands or legs. OUCH. 

Be safe than sorry.

3. Bring some coins with you for the locker. When I went there, the coin changing machine was spoilt and we had to go to the counter to exchange our notes. 

4. Bring an extra set of clothes because even if you're confident that you can balance, you won't be 100% sure that the person beside you can do the same. The floor is also super wet like I've said, so.. Just an advice! 

5. Instead of being scared and hold the walls all the time, just forget about your fears and move forward! Of course, with caution at the same time. I realized that I tend to fall even more when I'm doubtful of myself. 

Here's some info if you're interested to learn how to skate! 

The Rink offers Disco on Ice Theme Night with no additional charges as well. Check it up on their website


But I'm stuck at home studying boohooo ):

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